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Law of Corporate Governance Assessment
Due Date: 23-03-2020 (9:00 pm Sydney) Time Law Of Corporate Governance
Question: Compare and Contrast two major Corporate Collapses from their late 90’s to early 00’s and discuss the common issues/deficiencies which led to their collapse.
Choose from below corporate case studies 1.One. Tel (telecommunication) 3. Dick Smith (retailer) 4.Harris Scarfe (Retailing)
2. HIH (insurance)
Prescribed Reading:
Please find below a resource to help you get started. Must reference the use of prescribed and additional material in AGLC
• Tim Watts, ‘A Report on Corporate Governance at Five Companies that Collapsed in 2001’ (2002) University of Melbourne Report_on_Governance_at_5_Failed_Companies_0310281.pdf
Explore the circumstances that led to the collapse of the corporation, the corporate governance mechanism that were in place, the role of the directors, the breaching of directors duties
and what steps/mechanisms might have been put in place to prevent the collapse or minimise the damage.
Word Limit
The word limit for Assessment 4 is 2000 words. The word limit does not include bibliography and foot notes
Case study report style including headings, quotations, and the names of cases and legislation)
The applicable Style Guide for the Law School is the Australian Guide to Legal Citation, 4th
Edition. The Guide can be found here:

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2189 words including References

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