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Journals There are many valuable resources in the library. In particular, reference should be made to journal articles to keep abreast of current issues and to support you in developing your assignments. Some suggested journals that are applicable to the HRM field are below. Students should make sure they refer predominantly to these journals in their assignments. Remember that this is a HRM unit so the perspective that is required in all assessments is that of a HRM professional.
• Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resources
• Personnel Review
• International Journal of Human Resource Management
• Human Resource Management Review
• Human Resource Management
• Human Resource Management Journal
• Journal of European Industrial Training
• Education + Training
• Harvard Business Review
• Personnel
• People Management; London
• Personnel Management; London
• The Journal of Management Development; Bradford
• Management Development Review; Bradford
• Training and Management Development Methods; Bradford
• General Management Journals (with some HR articles)
• The Academy of Management Executive; Ada
• Academy of Management Journal; Mississippi State
• Academy of Management. The Academy of Management Review; Mississippi State
• Asia Pacific Journal of Management; Singapore
• Asia Pacific Journal of Quality Management; Hong Kong
• Australian Journal of Management; Sydney
• British Journal of Management; Chichester
• Business Management; Greenwich MAN6714 | Page 7 These journals may also be good sources of information:
• Journal of Applied Psychology
• Journal of Managerial Psychology
• Personnel Psychology
Written Research Proposal
For this assignment, you are required to select an organisation (you will need to source this organisation) and conduct applied research on a topic affecting a Human Resources aspect of the business. Students should refer to the marking rubric to ensure they understand how this assessment will be marked.
This component of the assignment requires students to submit an individual written research proposal to ensure they are on track, the organisation chosen is suitable, and the project is of an appropriate scope for a Masters Level unit and is clearly justified. Sections to be included in the proposal are as follows:
Introduction - relevant background/literature topic significance and HR theoretical foundation (½ page)
2. Rationale for selecting the HRM theory (½ page)
3. Literature review including theoretical/conceptual framework (2 pages)
4. Research Hypothesis or Proposition based on literature (½ page)
5. Methodology – explain the method to be adopted to collect the relevant information (include a discussion on the research instruments and ethical considerations including potential risks associated with the research). Outline the chosen organisation and describe the intended research respondents/participants – demographics, industry, size, strategy, etc. Students that cannot complete their research within an organisation must see the lecturer for approval of the cohort to be investigated (2 pages)
6. Research plan - timeline and key deliverables/contribution of the study (½ page)
7. References

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2330 words including References

Topic is Difference in retaining older workers in Bank of Bhutan verses other generation

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