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Grad Dip
Task 1 – Minimum 5,000 words
1) Cica Professional Standards Booklet PDF – How does each of the 7 Standards apply to the following roles (Pick 2)
- Career Related Services
- Choice
- Implementation
- Maintenance
- Opportunity Development
- Planning
- Preparation
- Review
2) Australian Blue Print for Career Development PDF – 1 page summary of Framework
- What is it?
- How do we use it?
- Why do we use it?
3) Guiding Principles for Career Development Services PDF – 8 Career Development Services Principles
- Summarise the 8 guidelines and specify how each guideline & legislation requirement apply for each role –
- Career Counsellor
- Career Development Practitioner
- Career Development Services
- Career Educator
- Career Advisor

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 4615 words including References

Title: Discussion on career development management in Australia

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