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Term 1 2020
Assessment 1: Portfolio article analysis
Weight: 20%
Length: 1000 words (max) for each submission
Assessment task:
For this assessment, each student will be analysing two news articles for tutorial discussion and submission on two separate weeks (3 & 5). The emphasis is on identifying the marketing implications for the events or incidents described in the article.
Students are required to choose ONE of the news articles (from the list below) that focuses on one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) and write marketing implications of the news. The first two tutorial weeks are designed to discuss how to analyse the sample news articles that focuses on UNSDGs. Specific questions that students need to answer include:
(1) Which of the UNSDGs does the new article relate to?
(2) Who are the important stakeholders?
(3) What potential marketing issues can be identified from the article?
(4) How would you respond to these issues and why?
For the last question students are required to include minimum of 5 references for each submission. This is an individual assessment with a maximum word limit of 1000 for each article analysis.
Only references used in text should be included in your reference list. The references should consist of published academic and research papers and textbooks in the write-up to support key points. Ensure that your references are relevant to the issues discussed. Referencing should follow the APA style.

Following are the list of articles for assessment 1a and 1b. You only need to choose one article for each of the assessments. Choosing a different article than the ones listed below can result in no mark given for the assessment.
List of articles for assessment 1a (available in the unit’s Moodle page)
• Outstripped on paid carer leave (The Age newspaper, January 24, 2020, p.13)
• ‘Wall of mud and ash’: new fish disaster (The Age newspaper, January 24, 2020, p.8)
• Burning issue for young skin (The Herald Sun newspaper, January 24, 2020, front page and p.13)

Assessment criteria:
Both Assessment 1a and 1b are marked using the same criteria.
• Identification of the appropriate UNSDG from the article (1 mark)
• Identifying the important stakeholders (2 marks)
• Reflective analysis (i.e. identiyfing potential marketing issues and response to these issues) (4 marks)
• Writing style (i.e. spelling, grammar, etc.) (1 mark)
• Referencing (2 marks)
Penalties apply for exceeding word limit (1% mark will be deducted from the total mark for every 100 words over the allowed 1000 words limit).
Penalties apply for late submission (5% mark will be deducted from the total mark per day unless an approved extension has been granted).
What are the UNSDGs?
Please see the unit’s Moodle page for more learning resources on UNSDGS.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1192 words including References

Article Analysis on Identification the U.N sustainable goal addressing “Life below water” through article analysis

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