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Assessment 2
This is an academic essay. You are required to conduct a critical appraisal of a primary research paper. Follow the instructions below and note the criteria as set out in the rubric. Critical appraisal can be done in a range of formats but you must follow the emphasis mentioned in the rubric criteria. Headings below have been suggested and these are based on the rubric or assessment criteria. Two papers are provided and you choose one.
The unit learning outcomes assessed are:
• LO 2. Critically examine the relationship between research and improvement in healthcare outcomes;
• LO 4. Search for evidence using bibliographic data bases;
• LO 5. Demonstrate an understanding of qualitative and quantitative research methodologies;
• LO 6. Critically appraise a peer reviewed journal article using an appropriate appraisal tool;
• LO 8. Evaluate research papers including systematic reviews on aspects of clinical practice.
You should follow the format of an academic essay and use well-structured headings. Headings are signposts and give clarity to writing.
We strongly suggest the critical appraisal has headings for the following areas:
1. Introduction
2. The research problem and its significance
3. The research design
4. The research methods
5. Findings and their relevance to contemporary nursing policy and practice
6. Conclusion
It is important you refresh your learning about academic essay writing and refer to the marking guide (assessment rubric). A range of resources to assist with Assessment 2 have been provided in VU collaborate. This includes a complementary activity to help you write critically, how to write an introduction and conclusion, and how to tackle essay writing in general.
There should be evidence of critical analysis of the research not just a gathering of information.
The research problem and its significance;
The research design;
The research methods;
Findings and their relevance to contemporary nursing policy and practice;
Critical analysis;
Use of evidence;
Grammar, spelling and punctuation;
Sentence, paragraph structure and sequencing;
Closing paragraph(s)/ conclusion;
Sources and referencing.
This is the one you have to focus on ; I sent you article for this
Please kindly focus in this topic article and follow the task
• Assessment 2 journal article Stone2019_Article_BenchmarkingNurseOutcomesInAus
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Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1431 words including References

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