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Task 2 – Performance and Skills Assessment
You need to complete this assessment task based on your own workplace or an organisation of your choice. To assist you in completing this assessment you need to access the following types of information:
• business strategy and organisational structure chart
• human resources strategy and human resources structure chart
• human resources policies and procedures
• organisation and personnel information
• position descriptions.
This information is required to undertake a small project focused on identifying a specific continuous improvement opportunity to research and implement. The issue chosen must:
• relate to human resources
• involve stakeholder identification and management
• involve a feedback and consultation process
• address networking opportunities.
For example, the type of project you conduct may focus on the sourcing and delivery of training for line managers in appropriate performance management or workforce health and safety procedures.
With a focus on continuous improvement, select a human resources opportunity to review and develop, creating a report on the initiative to present to the executive management team.
Your report must include the following elements:
1. Executive summary including details of the organisation used and the opportunity being developed. (Approximately 50 words)
2. Collection and analysis of relevant data outlining the information sources and extraction processes used. (Approximately 100 words)
3. Develop a proposal outline identifying the opportunity, its anticipated benefits, a list of the internal and external stakeholders and some relevant networks with which to consult. Highlight links to legal obligations, the organisation’s social, ethical and business standards as well as any cultural and social diversity requirements considered in this recommendation.
Once relevant networks have been identified, consult with at least one network contact to discuss your proposal. Integrate their feedback into your proposal and reference including the source (name and network) and date of consultation. (Approximately 100 words)
4. Develop an implementation plan outlining the various tasks to be completed by internal and external stakeholders. Examples may include reviewing documentation, contributing to communication to be issued or obtaining budget approval.
# Milestone/Action Responsible Timeframe/Timeline

5. Develop a 12-month consultation process to engage the executive team of your chosen organisation, internal and external stakeholders, the project team members (those involved in the implementation) and all employees impacted by the change/program.
Outline the process to be used to address issues promptly and/or refer on to relevant personnel. Ensure that this process encourages employees to contribute to issues relating to their work/environment. The steps in your consultation process must include regular review through surveys and focus groups, circulation of proposals for review and feedback and establishing advisory committees.
Item Stakeholder Message/Purpose Methods Timeframe

6. Develop a communications plan identifying the stakeholders, communication methods, messages and timetable. Ensure that you utilise multiple methods and techniques for these communications; for example written, video, and/or webinars. (the second part of this assessment will provide further opportunities to utilise the communication plan you develop here).
Item Stakeholders/ Audience Message Communication methods Timeframe

7. Based on the report outlined, develop the following:
a. An introduction communication to send to the work team (project team members) on the proposal developed in Part A. Focus on the information collected, analysis undertaken, proposal and anticipated benefits. (Approximately 80 words)
b. A communication to go to internal and external stakeholders seeking ideas on the development or refinement of the proposal. (Approximately 50 words)
c. A reply communication to go to internal and external stakeholders thanking them for providing suggestions and advising them of the next steps in the process. (Approximately 50 words)
8. The following email was circulated to all employees about an upcoming event:
Subject Line: BBQ Cookbook launch
The guys in marketing have decided to throw a pig on the barbie for everyone following the recent launch of the new BBQ Cookbook (our BBQ Bible).
Please pop over to the atrium for a snack and a chat tomorrow at Noon.
The marketing boys.
Following an influx of complaints around the wording of this email, develop an alternative communication that is more appropriate for this event. Consider the cultural and social diversity of the employee population and factor in potential special needs that this highlight (i.e. consider specific dietary restrictions that apply to some cultures and religions, or those with food allergies). (Approximately 80 words)
9. What are the benefits of treating all internal and external contacts with integrity, respect and empathy? (Approximately 50 words).
10. Based on the organisation's social and ethical standards (e.g. honesty and respect, anti-discrimination, anti-bullying etc.) and their written standards (e.g. code of conduct, vision and mission statements, company values, company policies etc.), list the key skills employees should demonstrate to develop and maintain effective relationships. (Approximately 50 words)
11. What actions should you take to gain and maintain the trust of your internal and external work contacts? (Approximately 50 words)
12. Detail the interpersonal style and methods of communication would you use when addressing or replying to the following situations: (Approximately 30 words per situation)
Situation Interpersonal style and methods of communication
a. An email needs to be sent to everyone outlining their responsibilities in relation to keeping the kitchen clean. This needs to engage all employees; not just the team administrators.
b. At a recent company awards event, there were no vegan meals available and a complaint has been raised by a vegan guest at the event.
c. While employees are generally based remotely, when they come into the office they are expected to comply with the corporate dress code.
d. Due to recent requests, the cafeteria has decided to offer Halal meals.
13. What measures should you take to encourage other members of your team to follow the organisation's policies and procedures? (Approximately 50 words)
14. List five ways that you can use networks to build relationships. (Approximately 30 words)
15. Outline the steps that you would use to guide and support colleagues to resolve work problems, difficulties and conflicts. (Approximately 50 words)
16. Develop an email to send to line managers outlining the key steps they should follow when managing poor performance. Where available, use and reference the organisation’s performance management process. Ensure that this communication focuses on constructive management of the issues being addressed. (Approximately 80 words)
17. Complete the following table by summarising the legal requirements of the human resources policies and processes for the listed pieces of legislation. (Approximately 30 words per Act)
Legislation Impact on the organisation’s Human Resources policies and procedures
Racial Discrimination Act 1975
Sexual Discrimination Act 1984
Disability Discrimination Act 1992
Affirmative Action (Equal Employment Opportunity for Women) Act 1986
Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission Act 1986
Privacy Act 1988
End of Assessment.
Congratulations, you have completed this assessment task.
Please ensure all questions are answered and upload the following:
• This completed workbook