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Assessment Title: Report Assessment Number: 01 Weighting: 30 % Due Date: Week 6 Description:
INDIVIDUAL Discuss the business strategies used by Kmart Australia or Woolworths Supermarkets or Myer using Porter’s Competitive Strategies Model.
Learning outcomes being assessed: 1 Demonstrate an understanding of the nature of contemporary business and business activities and operations
2 Demonstrate an understanding of how functions such as marketing, financial management, and IT strategy contribute to business operations
3 Demonstrate an understanding of the principles and theories associated with the management and development of groups and teams in organizations.
Details: The 1,000-word report must: • Include a working title, a brief executive summary. • Be presented as a Word or PDF document, white background, A4 Portrait format, 11/12pt, using black font colour. • Have page numbers. • Contain your name and student number (header or footer). • Be submitted on-line via Moodle using Turnitin by the due date and time (no emails).

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1200 words including References

Title: Business Strategies used by Kmart Australia

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