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Assessment overview
Type: Reflective Journal
Learning Objectives Assessed 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
Due Date: Friday March 27, 2 pm 2020
Weight: 20%
Task Description: Online Workbook – Reflective Practice
Assessment description
Students will be expected to complete a reflective writing journal. This requires students to reflect on the content presented in the readings and lectures for weeks 2 - 4 (3 weeks in total). This content addresses a key theme: examining health inequalities and the social determinants of health.
Some background - What is a reflective writing workbook?
A reflective writing journal is similar to a reflective diary, workbook, a collection of notes, observations and other relevant material built up over time and usually accompanies a period of study. Its purpose is for you to enhance learning through writing and thinking. Reflective writing ‘helps you to develop and clarify connections between what you already know and what you are learning, between theory and practice and between what you are doing and why you are doing it’
What to complete for the reflective workbook
Students must write 2 x500 word reflections around the content presented in weeks 2-4. The purpose of this task is for you to engage in critical reflection on the topics surrounding health inequalities and the social determinants of health. You are expected to demonstrate reflective, critical thinking around the course content, and that you have read and drawn on the course content. By drawing on the readings, lectures and perhaps your own experiences, we want you to write a short piece where you link the course content to prior knowledge, state what you found interesting, difficult, or contentious in the readings or lectures, what the information may have added to your knowledge or the field, or how you will think about your working practice. Some questions you may want to consider include:
• What did I learn today through the lecture and/or course readings?
• What did I find interesting/ Why?
• How has the information added to my knowledge in the field?
• How does what I have learnt connect with prior experience and knowledge, prior assumptions and preconceptions, what I know from other disciplines?
• How has what I have learned relate to my own life/ working practice?
• What did I find puzzling or unexpected/Why?
• What do I disagree with/Why? What do I agree with/Why?
• What do I feel about the way I am approaching this topic area?
• What do I need to know more about?
• What questions does this topic raise for me?
NOTE: In writing the reflective journal entries you must write in good academic English, draw on course readings and additional literature -but you can use the first person singular. Each week's journal submission must contain appropriate referencing -you must reference all sources used.
You will be given the opportunity to review your drafts in class – we will discuss this in more detail in class.
Assessment Summary
To complete this workbook you must: Provide 2x500 word reflective writing pieces chosen from weeks 2-4 where you outline a specific issue/topic area you are discussing. Include discussion and reflection of the week’s course content and make connections (e.g., between course content and prior knowledge/experiences). Organise your journal posts in a well-written short discussion of approximately 500 words each.
Assignment Format Requirements
Please ensure that your assignment complies with the following formatting specifications.
• Assessment cover sheet: Please sign and attach the assessment cover sheet (available in the assessment tab on the course BB site) to the front of your submission. Typing your name in the Cover Sheet Declaration will suffice as your signature that the work has not been plagiarised.
• Writing style: The reflective journal entries should be written in good academic English and draw on course readings and additional literature - but you can use the first person singular.
• Word limit: As indicated above, each reflective journal should be no more than 500 words. Please note this does not include the reference list.
• Paper Size: Standard A4 (210 x 297mm)
• Margins: All margins at least 2.0cm
• Font: At least 11 point and Times New Roman only
• Line spacing: 1.5 line spacing
• References: Harvard or APA style. Attach references as a separate page at the end of your assignment. Each week's journal submission must contain appropriate referencing - you must reference all sources used.
• File Name: YourLastName_PUBH7620 Reflective journal
Submission: Via the Turn it in submission link on the course Blackboard site by Friday March 22, 2 pm 2019

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1154 words including References

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