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ACCG8079 Information Systems for Competitive Advantage: Case Study Analysis: Google
Due Week 5 (Official date was: Sunday 29th March 2020)
Value: 10 per cent of final marks (Marked out of 30)
Case Study Report: Google
1) Read the above Case Study first (This case study is also available in the units textbook – Chapter 1.
2) Do some of your own research on google as an organization (NB. Googles parent company is now called Alphabet) You may also want to consider using the Multisearch option from MQ Library. 3) In your report, please ensure to embed these questions:
a. How is Google’s mission statement related to its business strategy?
b. How does Google’s information systems strategy support its business strategy?
c. How does Google’s organizational strategy support its business strategy?
d. Which of Porter’s three generic strategies does Google appear to be using based on this case? Provide a rationale for your response.
e. Analyze Google’s strategy and the type of market disruption it has created using a dynamic environment perspective.
1) Write a report that addresses the areas outlined above. The report should not exceed 15 pages (including reference list, Table of Contents etc), 12 point Font, single spaced in word processing software such as Microsoft Word. The report should have appropriate headings and subheadings (an introduction and conclusion).
2) This report must use scholarly articles to support any claims you make. You must use the Harvard referencing style (see 4) Review the marking rubric so that you understand how you will receive feedback.
5) You need to upload your assignment to by 10:59pm Sunday 8th September, otherwise your assignment will be considered late (see unit guide for penalties).
Fail (0)
High Distinction
Structure and clarity No attempt, Paragraphs are Many paragraphs Nearly all All paragraphs have All paragraphs have
of work/ writing hard to follow and lack a topic paragraphs have a a topic sentence. a topic sentence.
structure ( or the writing does sentence or the topic sentence and Detail sentences Detail sentences
spelling/grammar/ not flow because detail sentences do detail sentences flesh out the flesh out the
paragraph structure) The report is of the lack of not flow from the which flesh out the information from the information from the
difficult to structure. Writing topic sentence. topic. Some topic sentence in topic sentence in
comprehend and is very choppy. Detail sentences do paragraphs do not the order introduced the order introduced
is inappropriately There are few to not follow the order flesh out the topic in the topic in the topic
structured. no transition introduced in the in the order sentence. End of sentence. End of
statements which topic sentence. introduced in the paragraph leads paragraph leads into
connect the ideas Work is hard to topic sentence. into the next topic. the next topic. The
in the work. Work follow because of There are some There are some reader experiences
is difficult to paragraph structure. places where the places where the no interruption to
comprehend The writing is choppy reader doesn't reader doesn't the flow and
because of and the reader understand how understand how the understands how
grammar and doesn't understand the previous previous concept or each concept or
spelling errors or how we got to the concept or topic topic connects to topic connects to
there are many current topic or connects to the the current one. the previous one.
incomplete or run- concept from the current one. Few Excellence in Excellence in
on sentences. previous one. Many errors in grammar, grammar, spelling, grammar, spelling,
Appears that errors in grammar spelling, or and sentence and sentence
grammar and and spelling. sentence structure structure. structure.
spell check were Appears that Sentences are not Sentences are not
not used. grammar and spell too long and are too long and are
check were not complete complete
used. Incomplete or sentences. sentences.
run-on sentences throughout the report.

Integration of No attempt, The report does The report The report The report The report
Knowledge not demonstrate demonstrates that demonstrates that demonstrates that demonstrates that
or that the author has the author, for the the author, for the the author mostly the author fully
fully understood most part, most part, understands and understands and
The report shows and applied understands and understands and has applied has applied
lack of concepts learned has applied has applied concepts learned in concepts learned in
understanding of in the unit. The concepts learned in concepts learned in the unit. The author the unit. The author
concepts in the concepts and ideas the unit. Some of the the unit. The author shows analysis and shows excellent
unit and does not are not applied to concepts are not shows some synthesis of ideas analysis and
apply concepts to the case study. applied to the case analysis of ideas relating to the case synthesis of ideas
the case study. study. study.
applied to the case relating to the case /6
study. study.
Sources and No attempt, Fewer than five More than five More than six More than eight More than ten
Citations current sources, or current sources of current sources, of current sources, of current sources, of
or fewer than two of which at least two which at least three which at least four which at least six
five are peer- are peer review are peer-review are peer-review are peer review
The sources reviewed journal journal articles or journal articles or journal articles or journal articles or
are cited articles or scholarly scholarly books. All scholarly books. All scholarly books. All scholarly books.
inconsistently books. Not all web web sites utilised are web sites utilised web sites utilised Sources include
or not at all. sites utilised are authoritative. Cites are authoritative. are authoritative. both general
Does not use credible, and/or all data obtained Cites all data Cites all data background sources
the Harvard sources are not from other sources. obtained from other obtained from other and specialised
referencing current. Does not Harvard citation sources. Harvard sources. Harvard sources. Special
style. cite data obtained style is used in both citation style is citation style is interest sources and
from other sources text and reference
used in both text used in both text popular literature
or use the Harvard list.
and reference list.
and reference list. are acknowledged
citation style in text as such if they are
or in the reference cited. All web sites
utilised are authoritative. Cites all data obtained from other sources. Harvard citation style is used in both text and reference
Reflection No attempt, Response Response Response Response Concepts are
demonstrates a demonstrates a demonstrates a demonstrates an in- integrated into
or lack of reflection. minimal reflection. general reflection. depth reflection. the writer’s own
Viewpoints and Viewpoints and Viewpoints and Viewpoints and insights. Response
The answer is interpretations are interpretations are interpretations are interpretations are demonstrates a
copied or missing, unsupported or supported. well supported. particularly in-depth
substantially inappropriate, supported with Appropriate Clear, detailed reflection.
copied from and/or flawed arguments. examples are examples are Viewpoints and
materials or other unsupported. Examples, when provided, as provided, as interpretations are
sources Examples, when applicable, are not applicable. applicable. insightful and well
applicable, are not provided or are supported. Clear,
provided. irrelevant to the detailed examples
are provided, as applicable. Excellent and relevant reflection.
Conclusion No attempt, The conclusion The conclusion The conclusion The conclusion The conclusion
does not clearly shows little evidence shows some shows good shows strong
or flow from the report, of synthesis of ideas evidence of evidence of evidence of
and/or misses key presented and synthesis of ideas synthesis of ideas synthesis of ideas
The conclusion issues. Conclusions insights gained. presented and presented and presented and
shows no are not well Some conclusions insights gained insights gained insights gained
evidence of organised and are flow from the report throughout the throughout the throughout the
synthesis of ideas not presented in a but miss key issues. report. Conclusions report. Conclusions report.
presented and clear format. The Some conclusions logically flow from logically flow from Conclusions
insights gained conclusions do not do not apply to the the report, but the the report. They are logically flow from
throughout the apply to the topic. topic. logic may not presented in a clear the report fully
report. always be clear. format. developed.
They are presented Conclusions are
in a clear format.
presented in a clear format.
Total Points: /30

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