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Type of Assignment Instructions Requirements Deliverables
Individual (15%)
Critical Reflections Paper
“Reflection journals can help to increase the value of the learning experience by facilitating learners to make meaning out of the process they are engaged in. It enables the learners to relate the new material of learning to prior knowledge and hence a better understanding of the discipline. It also enhances the learner’s meta-cognitive awareness amongst individuals”

In your own words, write a reflections paper on your experience undertaking the course ACC720.
Specifically address how you have participated in class, individually as well as how you have contributed to your group case study.

Besides that, and more importantly also include some comment on how the Managerial Accounting knowledge you have acquired will help you/is relevant with your life and/or career/future career endeavors.
Font: Aerial
Size: 12
Spacing: 1.5
Max. 2 pages write-up Submission: 7/3/2020