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Overview In this assignment you will be guided by Activities 1.1 and 1.2 to: 1. post on the Blackboard Assignment 1 Discussion forum about: • your information need, • writing a structured question, and • a suitable study design.Learning outcomes This assessment task is aligned to the following Unit learning outcome: • Design relevant structured questions and identify the best evidence for answering those questions. Assessment details Use the Week 1 content, associated readings, Activities 1.1 and 1.2 and the rubric (over page) as guidance. 1. Write your assignment in a scholarly manner as a discussion directed at your peers, including: a. Your information need (as guided by Activity 1.1). Give enough information so other people can understand i) the topic, and ii) why you have chosen this topic. Include reference to literature where necessary. b. An answerable question that is clearly relevant to your information need and is structured using the PICO format . c. Your specification of how the question fits the format – for example, state which part of your question refers to the ‘P’ part of the format etc. d. The study design you believe will provide the most useful evidence to answer this question e. A brief justification for your choice of study design: outline how the study design suits the question and include at least one scholarly citation (e.g. relevant textbooks or refereed journal articles) f. Reference/s – include a list of the references cited using APA 6th edition style.
research topic-stay home mum depression vs working mum guilt
due date -7th march
Activity 1.1: What is your information need?
Reminder: this activity forms part of Assignment 1.
Take time to reflect on the day to day decisions you make in your professional practice. Probably many of these decisions could benefit from information provided by research evidence.
Brainstorm a list of possible information needs.
Write your ideas as questions. Questions usually start with or include a word that implies a question such a ‘Why’, ‘How’, ‘What’ and they always end with a question mark ‘?’.
What questions would those on the receiving end of your healthcare field like to ask? Note some of these questions too.
Remember, as a brainstorm activity there is no right or wrong way to write these questions; the aim is to generate questions to formulate into a structured question (Activity 1.2), to use in searches and for your assignments. So, keep all your ideas noted for later.
Reflect and write a draft of your preferred information need in preparation for Assignment 1.
HINT: When preparing Assignment 1 give enough information so other people can understanding 1) the topic, and 2) why you have chosen this topic. Where you have made statements of fact you should include references to literature to support these claims.
How to formulate a question
Your first assessment involves writing a structured question that could be answered using research evidence. Question formulation is an iterative process with five stages, which we consider in more detail throughout the remainder of this week:
Ask a question based on an information need (Activity 1.1, top).
Identify what type of question is being asked.
Consider which study design will yield the best quality evidence.
Rewrite the question as a structured, answerable question appropriate to the question type (Activity 1.2).
Reflect and revise your question as necessary
study design
main book-Evidence-Based Practice Across the Health Professions
Book Cover Image
by Tammy Hoffmann, , Sally Bennett, , and Christopher Del Mar
Elsevier Australia
i have attached the require pages need to read 1 to page 10 attached