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Step One: Record of activities and barriers encountered (refer template)
You should complete at least two of the exercises listed in pairs and document your
activities on the template provided. You will have the opportunity to simulate the lived
experience of living with an impairment as well as the lived experience of being a
‘carer’ of an individual living with an impairment. The ‘carer’ must attend to safety
issues at all times. The content of the activities and barriers record sheet is not
marked; however, marks will be deducted if it is not attached to your assignment.
Step Two: Reflective Essay
You will individually write a reflective essay between 2,250 and 2,750 words (+/- 10%
of 2,500-word count) about your experience. You are required to use either Gibbs
reflective cycle (1988) OR Johns (2006) model of critical reflection to guide your writing
(refer to the reflective practice seminar in Week 2 and additional resource by HortonDeutsch et al., 2017).
my first wheelchair experience was using the wheelchair it was easy to move using a wheelchair in the university but only in a view places it was difficult
the second experience was using the glass it was easy too
I wrote the essay an example but it's below the word count and it includes grammar mistakes also there is the part where I wrote there is no elevator please fix it there was an elevator

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2527 words including References

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