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Here I attached few files
1) structure and presentation of research file- in this folder each power point slide at down I wrote all the requirement please follow the requirement and also I did specific write how much wording needed to each topic and what are point u need to write down each point. If u fell not clear please confirmed with me before start writing the assignment.
2) Finalized data file-I did attached 2 file under finalized data when u review one is demographic data another one appendix of raw data after I analyses my result( survey question)
3) Referencing File- Please follow the format according to my referencing order-APA style
4) I did attached few article- please use that article, if u think the article is not relevant you can review your own article but please let me know before u use different article. This above article I choose pertaining to my Themes
Understaffing- u can use kang,Hur and Bowden higaonna article-
Attitude-just review the article and choose the related to this themes
language-Andriyanto( I able to find one article for this theme,u can find another 2 article related to this themes)
5) Survey question- I did attached 2 file survey question( this is the question we asked at participant)
6) Honour project file- in this file I attached topic,aim,objective all other relevant info pertaining to this thesis
7) Total wording= 5000 words( kindly review each topic I did mention how many words required) Not include abstract ( 350 words)= total 5350 words
8) Due date = 8/3/20
9) If u don't mind can u sent me each topic once you done, so I can show to my lecture
10) Most important if u don't understand any point please asked before proceed, to prevent any conflict and double works.
11) I have audio record( my lecture did tell all the requirement she needed base on this assignment if you ok with that I will sent you)

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 6420 words including Tables, References and Appendix

Title: A survey of the factors affecting nurses use of fall prevention tools in hospital

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