Recent Question/Assignment

It’s an case study about Uber and questions are given we have to submit it on turnitin and need high quality of work
1. Describe Uber’s business model. How does it work? What are Uber’s most important levers? How does Uber’s business model differ from eBay?
2. Discuss how does Uber manage satisfaction on both sides of a two-sided market (i.e. drivers and riders). [Hint: the scale-satisfaction cycle]
3. Who drives for Uber? What’s the motivation to drive for Uber? How does Uber attract drivers? [Hint: the value proposition for drivers]. Where is the friction in this model? How does Uber manage this friction?
4. How does Uber attract riders? [Hint: the value proposition for riders]. What would cause defection from the service? How well does the Uber model scale? What do you love/hate about Uber? What do you love/hate about taxi services? How much customer loyalty does Uber have? How does Under leverage this loyalty?
5. What makes Uber’s business model disruptive? Which pieces of the value proposition real innovations? How does these innovations converge with consumption trends? How could a taxi company respond?
6. What does Uber look like in the next 5 years?
Rules given by university Which you have to follow while making assignment...
1)Focus of text is immediately apparent. Arrangement of paragraphs and ideas constitutes a smooth flow from issues to conclusions and builds and maintains the interest of the reader.
2) Choice of words and sentence structure is precise and compelling and demonstrates outstanding command of discipline-specific language skills. Text uses fluent and accurate language to articulate its purpose. Spelling, grammar and syntax are error- free.
3) Accurately evaluates and synthesises an enterprise problem or issue using a range of appropriate theories and research
4) high level vocab plus good grammar