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NURI 120 Assessment 1- Media Watch
Guidelines for Assessment 1
1. This assessment is to be submitted electronically via Assessment 1 Submission link on NURI 120 Study Desk.
2. Use the Marking Criteria to guide you. There is no need to submit the Marking Criteria.
3. Submit all parts of the assessment as ONE Word document.
4. APA Referencing is not required or assessed on this assessment item but feedback will be provided on where to improve in future for those students who do attempt APA Referencing.
Assessment 1 Task Media Watch
Choose one story that has been in the media (online or newspaper) that has occurred in the 4 weeks prior to the due date of Assessment 1 submission which relates to Health, Illness and Wellbeing.
Suggested sources
On any given day there are reports on TV, the internet and in hard copy which relate to Health, Illness and Wellbeing.
For Example:
https ://www.theguardian. conV austral ia-news./health
Section A:
1. Find a news story from a reliable source that has occurred within the past 4 weeks which relates to Health, Illness and Wellbeing.
2. Provide:
• The story title
• a screen shot/ snip of the story;
• the publication source name
• date of publication (not the date you viewed it)
• URL (to enable your marker to go straight to the story)
3. Explain the health implications of the story for those who it affects ( Section A Word Limit 50 words)
Section B
Why is this newsworthy/currently topical? E.g. is it a medical breakthrough, research, current topic of interest in society? (Section B Word Limit 100 words). Post your news story and your discussion to the Media Watch Discussion Forum in the Assessment 1 Submission area on NURI 120 Study Desk. Take a screenshot/ snip of your posting including the story and your Section A3 answer.
Section C
Comment on one other News Story (different to your own) posted by another student and comment as to if the individuals/groups of people referred to in the article were in control of their own health journey? Include a screen shot/ snip of the other student’s media story and including the title of their post (Section C Word Limit 100 words)
CHECK: Before submitting your assessment
In a Word document:
• Provide a clear easily readable screen shot/ snip of the story that you posted to study desk including your posting about the health implications, newsworthiness and the title of your posting (maximum size 1 MB).
• Paste a screen shot of another new story (different to your own) and your posting about the other students post.
• This must then be submitted to the Assessment 1 Media Watch Submission portal on study desk as a single word document(ONE file).
• Please make sure you have checked your work as there is no opportunity to resubmit this assessment item once it is submitted.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 349 words including Diagrams

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