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Explain the concept of care that is relevant to the chosen scenario and how it contributes to achieving effective therapeutic communication. 3. Explain the strategies, skills and approaches that best support therapeutic communication between the nurse, patient and family in the chosen scenario for best patient outcomes. 4. Reflect on your emerging health literacy skills relative to the case study. You will draw upon scholarly literature (references) to support your developed knowledge and understanding of the scenario and your analysis and application of strategies, skills and approaches. Conclusion (150 words) This is the summation of your assignment, what you have discussed and therefore what you have concluded. It is a brief overview of information discussed and your perspective on it, supported by literature to bring impact to your conclusion. Remember not to include any new work or references.
Writing Style \ -¦ , ./ - Correct Academic Writing as per USQ. guidelines APA 7th Edition Referencing (no less than 6 references, 1 reference to approx. 200 words) Contemporary Literature must be sourced (no more than 7 years old)
Formatting style ... Double spacing Font: 12 point Times New Roman Page numbers No headings or subheadings to be used
Bl;: J //K B ; Resources available to complete task USQ academic writing is provided in links on the course Resources Tab. Referencing
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1 o One Microsoft Word document that contains the following items: • Your assignment document • No coversheet but footer must include: surname_initial__studentnumber_coursecode_Al_page no • Do not include the marking criteria sheet
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immmi File Name Convenes Save your document with the following naming conventions: surnameJnitial_studentnumber_coursecode_Ai.doc/docx
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Scenario 1
You are commencing an evening shift as a graduate registered nurse (GRN) in an Aged Care Facility. You have just received patient handover from the staff on the morning shift. One of your patients, Mrs Pamela Jones, is an elderly woman aged 78 who has had some episodes of confusion and disorientation in the facility, particularly with finding her bed. She is crying softly and is visibly upset. As you approach to assist her, she becomes frustrated about her -failing memory- and asks for the nurse who has cared for her today to come immediately to help her, and pushes you away. Her son arrives at that moment and asks what has happened as he sees his mother crying. He looks at you, stating loudly, -Are you the nurse? What has happened? I have not seen her this upset before?-
Scenario 2
You are on clinical placement in an aged care facility as a first year nursing student. The assistant in nursing (AIN) you are buddied with today has requested you to help with an assisted shower for resident Mr, Glen Potter, a 94 year old man who has partial hearing loss and wears a hearing aid, however has removed it for his shower. As you commence the shower, the AIN motions to leave the bathroom, alerting you to a call on her mobile phone from her sons school saying she insists she must answer it. She leaves you alone with Mr. Potter in the bathroom, who quickly becomes distressed with the AlNs absence and starts shouting at you, -No, no, stop what youre doing! You arent washing me properly-. Mr. Potter grabs the shower nozzle out of your hand, showering you with water. You try to cairn Mr. Potter and attempt to remove the shower from his hand just as the AIN returns, saying loudly, -What happened? I can hear him shouting out in the ward! Why are you so wet?-

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1751 words including References

Title: Therapeutic communication in patient care

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