Recent Question/Assignment

How would you implement a quality management system complying with ISO 9001?
You have been appointed as the Quality Manager of a company of your choosing and have been asked to implement a quality management system into the company.
You must choose a specific industry and show how you could apply the requirements of ISO 9001 to establish a quality management system in that industry in your home country.
Your answer must show that you understand the application of the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard. It must include any aspects of change management that would be necessary to implement the program and must be supported by literature references. At least 5 of the references must be journal articles, preferably post 2010.
Your report must include the steps that you would take to implement the system. You have been given 6 months to implement the system. Your report MUST include a Gantt chart setting out the activities that you would undertake and the order and timing in which you would complete them.
You may use a previous company that you worked for but you can not use a company that has already been certified. If you have not worked for a company before you can choose an industry and make up your own company.