Recent Question/Assignment

This information is to be handed to each student to outline the assessment requirements
ARIC): You are to manage a complex level project that should be IT focused. Keep in mind,
but you should have fundamental project management skills to
strate. Information provided for each allocated task will be intentionally limited in the starting
as you progress in your project report building, you will need to talk to your assessor for more
t ilS as you progress.
,CTIVE: The main factor is to excerpt a viable IT based project so that you could develop your
se (as Project Report containing Part A and Part B replied) based on the selected project.
been given specific information regarding this project. Your assessor would hint you to find
more information about this project.
Project Plan Processes
This project requires you to:
• Implement start-up activities through updating and confirming the project plan (key dates,
activities, resources, compliance, etc); understanding the project stakeholders, establishing
appropriate systems, and using appropriate project management tools
Coordinate the project implementation through managing integration of project activities,
stakeholders input, disagreements and disputes, and change proposals
• Monitoring the project appropriately
Arranging project follow-up activities including testing, trialling or building requirements
Project Review Process
At the completion of the project, you are to review its overall success. You would respond to the
following aspects in regards to the project scope:
Did the project result in the benefits defined in your business case?
Did it achieve the objectives outlined in the terms of reference?
Did it operate within the scope of the terms of references?
Did the deliverables meet the criteria defined in the quality plan?
Was it delivered within the schedule outlined in the project plan?
Was it delivered within the budget outlined in the financial plan?
SUBMISSION: Submit your final -Project Report- estimate between 600 to 800 words to your
assesor within your set timeframe. You are encouraged to include and utilize relevant imagery fol
pr s ntation of your idea.