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Assessment Task 3:
Assessment Task Report: Change Project Plan
Schedule TBC
Learning Outcome Alignment 4 & 1,2,3
Competency Element Alignment 1,2,3
Length 2500 words maximum
Value (% of 100 overall unit marks) 40
Description and requirements
Assessment 3 has three compulsory parts (numbered 1, 2, and 3). As a guide, your total word count should not exceed 2500 words. You have the discretionary control as to how this word count is best allocated.
1. Choose an organisation and research and develop a change project plan for a change initiative. The report must address all three requirements below.
A. Provide the organisation/entity context and introduce the change initiative. [5 marks]
B. Develop a change project plan. The plan should include:
a. Vision and purpose
b. Scope of the project
c. Key drivers
d. Broad goals and measures (e.g. Balanced Scorecard)
e. Actions and milestone (timeline)
f. Stakeholder analysis
g. Relevant attachments [30 Marks]
C. Conclusion explaining and, through use of contemporary academic and professional sources, confirming the robust nature of the change plan and the benefits to the organisation. [5 Marks]
NOTE: The change plan can be constructed for an organisation or part of an organisation (entity). This organisation can be known to the student, be identified through research (case study, online search, etc.) or be conceptual (created for the purposes of this work). If in doubt students should contact the unit coordinator to confirm the validity of the entity chosen for this assessment.
This is to be written as a report with the requirement that Part C to the question, as a minimum, includes use of relevant academic references to support your plan.

Change Project Management Template
Change Project Title:
Date: _____/_______/______ Version: {Version number for this plan/document}
Primary Contact Person: {Change Project Leader}
Primary Sponsor: {Change Project executive sponsor or Chair of the Governance Committee}
Vision statement:
{List the vision for the change project – 21 words or less}
Target of the change:
More than one can be selected People: ? Technology: ? Relationships: ? Processes or Practices: ?
Other {Specify}:
Change Critical Priority Areas
1. {List main priority areas for change }
Goals & Key Performance Indicators:
Change Priority Area 1:
Description: {Short description of the orientation, purpose of this priority}
Goal 1.1. KPI1.1
Goal 1.2.
Goal 1.3.
Goals & Key Performance Indicators:
Goal 2.1. KPI2.1
Summary of actions
Actions/Initiative Due by Status
1. {List the high level actions required to complete the change project}
Change Project Schedule
Key milestones Due by Status*
{List the milestones and dates for key phases and actions in the overall change initiative, e.g. Design, Develop, Pilot, Review, Release, etc.}
Major skill issues
List current status/ research and/or attached skill audit and workforce plan
Stakeholder engagement
List or attach stakeholder analysis
Does an engagement/ communication plan exist for this project Yes No
Budget and risk management issues
List or attach resource and budget information and details
List or attach risk management and associated detail
Sign confirming initiation of plan
Name Signature Date

Version Control
Changes authored by: Approved by: Date accepted:

* Status indicator: Green
(Controlled) Orange
(Caution) Red
NB: The status indication may not be used initially, but may be used once the deliverables are being actioned.