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Dodgy Brothers Research, Inc. have taken a random sample of data from an Osteoporosis Research Project Database. The sample data includes 80 individuals between the ages of 45-65 yrs and includes information about general demographics, health, education and physical function. Data was collected at week 0, week 9, week 19 and week 29 of a 24 week training intervention. The data that was collected is presented below.
For this assessment, there are six (6) scenarios/questions (one per sheet). For each research scenario/question you will be required to conduct an appropriate statistical analysis to answer the proposed question. To determine the appropriate tests for each of the proposed questions you should access the statistical decision tree document. You may also need to conduct some preliminary analyses to determine the appropriate statistical analysis necessary to answer the question. In addition to the statistical analysis, you will also provide a written summary detailing the analysis that was completed and the results of the statistical analysis.
To complete this assessment, you must upload two (2) files (one (1) Excel file and one (1) Word file):
Excel file – For each data set and associated research question, you must conduct the appropriate analyses on the provided Excel file. Your data and analyses must be clearly formatted/organised.
Word file – For each data set and associated research question, you must write a brief summary reporting the statistical analysis and the findings (along with any requested tables or figures) in APA format. The summary for each data set and associated research question should be no more than 150 words. Written summaries should be double spaced and typed using Arial or Calibri size 11 font.
This task is to be completed individually. You may use multiple resources to help answer the questions.
NOTE: Simply copying data from the Excel spreadsheet and embedding into the Word file will NOT suffice for this assessment piece.
The mark value for each question is provided on each Worksheet. The assessment is out of 200 marks and contributes to 55% of your overall grade.

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