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Assessment 3 Information
Subject Code: MAN304
Subject Name: Issues in International Business
Assessment Title: Case Study Analysis (Individual)
Assessment Type: Slide Deck
Number of Slides: 15 Slides (+/-10%)
Weighting: 30 %
Total Marks: 100
Submission: Via Moodle
Due Date: Week 13
Your Task
The purpose of this individual assessment is to apply the principles of international market analysis to a market entry mode for a specific Case Study (Medium Size Australian Private Company – “Grants”).
Assessment Description
Grants is a producer of natural-ingredient-based toothpaste sold under the brand “Grants of Australia” ( The firm has been selling its products in Australia since 1984, starting off as a family-produced, home-made toothpaste, growing into a well-regarded brand by 1994.
The firm has a focus on the niche organics and the health-conscious market and now also produces a vegan toothpaste. It has never been a mainstream brand and, though sold at some major supermarket outlets in Australia, is not significantly represented in consumer purchases. The market analysis of the Australian consumer landscape indicates that Grants has almost reached all of its target audience, meaning there is likely to be insufficient room for any significant growth in its sales in the medium to long term. The major selling brand remains the global giant- Colgate. But Grants has a distinct set of differentiators that can help it develop new markets outside of Australia.
The management of Grants has identified that the health-conscious segment is expanding in Asia, in line with growth in incomes and the development of a broader range of consumer tastes. (emerging middle class) They are considering one of three possible countries to enter: Malaysia, Vietnam or Thailand. You have been asked to develop a market analysis for one (1) of these three possible target countries.
You are required to analyse the firm’s market position and propose a market entry strategy to its Board of Directors in the form of 15 PowerPoint slides (not including cover sheet and references).
Once Grants has decided to enter a market, it will need to select a viable mode of entry, which you will also propose.

Assessment Instructions
It is a culmination of the work completed in assessments 1 and 2 and represents your report to the Board of Directors of the firm as to how they will enter the destination market. The question is not whether the firm should enter the market, but rather how it will enter and which market it will enter (and why).
Your slide deck to the Board of Directors, therefore addresses the following:
1. Whether the firm has a competitive advantage (is this a new theme) in its product or service (are you also talking about “service?) over competitors in the new market and what that advantage may be
2. Rational for the choice of which country they should enter and why
3. Information about the destination country that you feel is relevant to the decision of the Board of Directors on how to enter the market (e.g. political, economic or other factors)
4. Reasons for this mode choice
5. The top 5 steps the firm will take to implement its strategy of entry mode
· The Slide Deck should have 5 references (academic and/or commercial/government online resources)
· In referencing sources, you must apply Harvard Referencing Style to your in-text citations and consequently to the reference list.
· This case study analysis is a Slide Deck created in PowerPoint to be submitted via Moodle. While you may be asked to talk about your findings in class, you are required to submit this assessment via Moodle.
· Please refer to the Assessment Marking Guide to assist you in completing all the assessment criteria
Important Study Information Academic Integrity Policy
KBS values academic integrity. All students must understand the meaning and consequences of cheating, plagiarism and other academic offences under the Academic Integrity and Conduct Policy.
What is academic integrity and misconduct?
What are the penalties for academic misconduct?
What are the late penalties? How can I appeal my grade?
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Word Limits for Written Assessments
Submissions that exceed the word limit by more than 10% will cease to be marked from the point at which that limit is exceeded.
Study Assistance
Students may seek study assistance from their local Academic Learning Advisor or refer to the resources on the MyKBS Academic Success Centre page. Click here for this information.
Page 2 Kaplan Business School Assessment Outline

Assessment 3 Marking Guide
Criteria NN (Fail)
0 - 49 P (Pass)
50 - 64 CR (Credit)
65 - 74 DN (Distinction)
75 - 84 HD (High Distinction)
85 - 100
Analysis of Identified Issues
/10 Your analysis lacks depth,
and your interpretation is
not relevant to the
assessment criteria. You briefly analyse some of
the issues and your interpretation is not always relevant to the assessment
criteria. You analyse most of the
issues and your
interpretation is well
structured. You analyse and interpret
issues thoroughly. You analyse and interpret the
issues articulately and
Recommendations /10 The quality of your
recommendations is poor
and/or incoherent. You have drawn some useful recommendations although a more comprehensive analysis of the case study would have
been helpful. You have drawn mostly
useful recommendations. You have drawn varied, well-
researched and compelling
recommendations. You have drawn dynamic,
comprehensive and
convincing recommendations.
Research /5 Your research lacks focus
because of an unsuitable
choice of sources. You have selected some
appropriate scholarly sources.
Better use of quality sources
would help focus your
research. Your research is focused,
drawn from an appropriate
range of scholarly sources. It is obvious that your
research is focused,
complemented by a quality
selection and range of
scholarly sources. It is clearly obvious that your
research is extensive and focused, complemented by a quality selection and range of
scholarly sources.
Presentation /5 Spelling, grammar and presentation/or grammar is consistently incorrect.
In-text referencing and/or reference list is mostly incorrect or non-existent Spelling, grammar and presentation have numerous errors.
In-text referencing and/or reference list is obvious but there are major errors. Spelling, grammar and presentation have numerous errors.
In-text referencing and/or reference list has only minor errors throughout Errors in grammar and spelling are rare and professionally presented.
In-text referencing and the
resultant reference list is
correct, with only the
occasional error. Correct grammar and spelling throughout the analysis with no obvious errors.
In-text referencing and the resultant reference list is correct, with no errors..

Editable Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation
Slide Count: 18 slides with Speaker Notes


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