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A Time Line that identifies and analyses a human rights theme and four significant moments in history that have developed this theme. You should then write approximately 125 words on each of the four moments in history, explaining how they have progressed your human rights theme.

A second part of this assessment requires you to be predictive and look into the future of your Time Line. You are to write a further 200 words on one possible future significant event that is likely to further develop (or regress) your chosen human rights theme.
Professor Bennett will provide a sample Time Line in your history module. Your Time Line will be much simpler and may be presented on a vertical or horizontal axis. As an example, we will explore a Time Line on the theme of a “Right to Justice”:
1780 BCE 10 BCE 1215 CE
Code of Hammurabi Writings of Cicero Magna Carta
1600 1730 1820
Writings of Grotius Writings of Voltaire Writings of Austin
1919 1948
Covenant of the Universal Declaration ICCPR and ICESCR
League of Nations of Human Rights

You first need to select a human rights theme that you can follow through history. Examples include: the right to political representation, slavery, the rights of women. In the above sample Time Line, the theme is “the right to Justice”. Once you have created your Time Line and identified your theme, you will need to select 4 primary moments (at least one of which is prior to 1700) , and write 125 words on the contribution of each of your four moments, to the development of your chosen theme.
In addition to your historical analysis, this assessment task also requires you to be predictive and move your Time Line into the future with a possible future development (progressive or regressive) in the area of your chosen theme. Eg.
2050 2100
An International Criminal Code
Total Word Length: 4 x 125 words + 1 x 200 words = 700 words Worth: 20% of your total mark.
Due: To be submitted to the relevant MyLO Drop Box before 2330 hours on Thursday 6 February 2020. Reflects: Module 1 of the unit, and Intended Learning Outcome 1.

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