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Assessment 3: Essay
This assessment is for these students only: Gold Coast; Melbourne - Hotel School; Online; Sydney - Hotel School.
Assessment Essay Group/individual Individual Learning outcomes
Grading indicator Graded
Min Score N/A
Length/ Weight duration Max. 1500 words
Due 07 Feb 2020 11:00 PM
Professional accreditation N/A
Using relevant theories and models explored in this unit, write an essay in which you first explain why the phenomenon of 'overtourism' (also referred to as 'anti-tourism') has emerged to become a significant issue for certain tourism destinations in recent years, and, second, suggest ways by which relevant tourism stakeholder organisations (at global, national and local levels) could help to address this issue.
Overtourism or anti-tourism refers to an organised 'social protest movement' that emerges due to increasingly hostile reactions by local citizens towards tourists and tourism development and activity (see It has been particularly obvious over the past few years in popular destinations such as Barcelona, Venice, Amsterdam, Berlin and other significant tourist destinations. There are also indications that at other destinations such as Bali and Byron Bay, local residents are becoming less tolerant of tourists and the impacts that they bring. Of course, there are many, perhaps the greater majority of destinations, where tourism continues to be regarded as an important and largely positive component of the local economy and community. Nevertheless, it is important that the issue of overtourism/anti-tourism is examined critically and its root causes understood, if tourism and its impacts, are to be managed effectively and fairly.
Because overtourism/anti-tourism is a new phenomenon, there is not much academic literature specifically on the topic, although it is growing. There are some non-academic sources such as newspaper and industry/trade magazines that carry articles or opinion pieces on the topic which can be used to provide you with context. But essentially, this essay requires you to use some of the models and theories covered in this unit and apply them to understanding and explaining this problem of overtourism and identify ways that various stakeholder organisations can address this issue. You will need to use the relevant literature to develop your ideas and arguments.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1814 words including References


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