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PPMP20008 -Assessment 3: Lessons Learnt
Part A: Lessons Learnt Presentation + Part B: written submission (total: 30%)
This is an individual assessment.
Completion of the unit PPMP20008 is like a project in that during the term there are things that go well (i.e. passing the multiple choice online quiz) and things that don’t go well (i.e. not completing all the prescribed readings).
This assessment item requires you to reflect on your participation and experience in this unit, identify lessons learnt and consider what actions can be taken to address those lessons. In addition, this assessment requires you demonstrate how you intend improving - on how you deal with similar situations in the future.
Please note these learnings are based on your role as a student in PPMP20008 and NOT based on supplied project (including the material learnt from PMBoK or Prince 2), for this unit.
You will need to determine a framework to base your lessons learnt on. In practice, lessons learnt discussions are usually framed in certain ways to generate learnings. You need to consider the most effective way to do this within the context and the experiences of the unit gained during the term.
Your assignment (Part A: lesson learnt presentation and Part B: written submission) will be assessed on the extent to which it meets each of the following criteria:
Part A: Lesson Learnt presentation
Part A comprises an ‘in class’ two minute presentation - using only two slides (one being a title slide) as per the template (4 marks). The first (title) slide should contain the unit details, your name, student number, campus, tutor name and presentation title. The second slide will comprise the content of your presentation and must include only one lesson learnt. Note: the lesson learnt used in the two minute presentation, must be the same lesson learnt (lesson 1) contained in the written submission (see part B below).
Part B: Written submission
The written submission involves both student initiated reflection (lesson 1) and one guided (tutor led) reflection (lesson 2).
Student Initiated Reflection (lesson 1)
Student initiated reflection involves a process where students alone choose what experiences to reflect upon concerning lessons learnt.
Guided (or tutor led) Reflection (lesson 2)
In contrast, guided (or tutor led) reflection involves a process where the tutor guides (or assists) the student concerning the area of reflective practice. Students then reflect upon experiences (relating to that area) which subsequently prompt students to identify lessons learnt.
Breakdown of Written Submission
(i) Introduction (2 marks);
(ii) Lesson Learnt Framework (planned and actual) (6 marks);
(iii) One student-initiated lesson learnt (lesson 1) and one guided (or tutor led) lessons learnt (lesson 2). Each lesson learnt must be accompanied by improvement strategies described against the SMART attributes (SMART – specific, measureable, achievable, relevant and time-bounded) (16 marks); and
(iv) Conclusion and references (2 marks).
Submission timelines
Part A: Lesson Learnt presentation (two minute presentation): The two minute presentation must be completed in week 12. Please note that depending on class sizes some students may need to present in earlier weeks. For in-class students, the accompanying powerpoint slides must be up-loaded on Moodle by 8am Monday, week 12.
Flex (distance) students do not present in person, however, they must submit a video of their two minute presentation, together with the powerpoint slide (on a template supplied) by 5pm Friday of week 12, comprising one lesson learnt.
Part B: Written Submission: All students must complete a Part B: written submission (template supplied) by 8am, Monday of week 12.
Note: Part B: Written submission and Part A: Lesson Learnt presentation slides must be uploaded in Moodle.
Distance (flex) students: Flex students need to upload (on Moodle) a video of their two minute presentation, the powerpoint presentation slide (see template) together with the written submission. Separate advice will be forwarded to flex student discussing the presentation component of this assessment. Please ensure that you watch out for this advice.
Please note that extension requests, forwarded by e-mail, will NOT be processed. Only requests forwarded via Moodle, will be responded to.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 3061 words including References

Editable Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation
Slide Count: 2 slides with Speaker Notes

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