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Checklist: Prototype Joomla! Website
30 marks
Ensure you setup your Joomla! website and complete the activities as listed in the checklist
document. Your Joomla! Website URL should be accessible for the marker to assess the
activities undertaken as per the checklist document.
Overall Presentation & Functionality Enhancements (5)
Product/ Service Catalogue (5)
Shopping Cart/ Enquiry Form (5)
Account Registration & Login (5)
Checkout/ Order Processing & Payment (5)
Discussion Forums/ Blog (5)
Submission Guidelines
Attach the two documents (Report & Checklist document) in Microsoft Word or PDF file
format using the naming convention below, to your online assignment submission in the
Assignment 3 area on the CIS8100 StudyDesk before mid.uighl Australian Eastern Standard
Time (AEST) on the day the assignment is due.
llastnamel. [initiall
[student numberl _ [course codel _ assign3.docx or .pdf