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BUS708 Assignment 2
Section 1: Introduction
This document serves as a sample template for Assignment 2, as well as a general feedback for Assignment 1. You don’t have to use this template for Assignment 2, but if you prefer, you can edit this document and use it for Assignment 2. You can change the title, subtitle and section title accordingly.
Some general feedback for Assignment 1
Some students gave a very short description about dataset 1 and failed to explain what it is about (e.g. some characteristics of Google Play Apps) and/or the source of the dataset (e.g. from Kaggle and originally provided by Lavanya Gupta).
Quantitative variables in dataset 1 are: Rating, Review and Price. Install can arguably be either quantitative or categorical (original dataset should be categorical but can be accepted as quantitative as it’s quite ambiguous). Size, Last Updated, Current Version and Android Version are all categorical (Size can potentially be quantitative if the units are all the same).
The main reason that dataset 2 might be biased is not because it does not cover the whole population (a random sample does not include the whole population, but it’s not biased). Most likely that dataset 2 is biased is because it’s not a representative of the population (only from KOI or other institutions).
Many students wrote reasonable comments, but many failed to answer the research question. You should have a concluding statement that answer the research question (e.g. “… hence, we conclude that most google play apps are free”, or “there seems to be a difference in prices among paid apps from the categories…”, or “the correlation coefficient indicates there is no linear relationship between Rating and Review”, etc.)
Many graphs are still missing a title and axis labels.
Hints for Assignment 2
Make sure you mention the objective of the report or what is the report about, including short description of the datasets. This can be one paragraph in Section 1.
Write a proper literature review, including in text citation. Some example can be found in Paraphrase the article, don’t just copy paste its content. This can be another paragraph in Section 1.
Make sure you explicitly answer the research question in each section.
Check that your graphs are complete (title, labels or legends).
Check and re-check marking criteria to make sure you address all the criteria.
Section 2: Are most google play apps free?
In this section …
data presentation

Inferential statistics
The following ….
Sample size (n) = 4000
Sample proportion (phat) = 0.934
Standard Error (SE) = v((0.934(1-0.934))/4000) = 0.0039
Critical value = 1.96
95% Confidence Interval = 0.934 +/- (1.96)(0.0039)
= (... , ….)
….. write your conclusion here

Section 3: you can optionally put a title of the section in here
data presentation

Inferential statistics
Sample size (n) = 230
Sample mean (Xbar) = 3.075
Sample standard deviation (s) = 1.783
H_0: µ=3.60
H_1: µ 3.60
Test-statistic =(3.075-3.60)/(1.783/v230)=-4.47
p-value = 0.0000062 ? From Statkey, Theoretical Distributions: t, with df = n-1 = 229
Write your conclusion here
Section 4: you can optionally put a title of the section in here
data presentation
Copy and paste your numerical summary and graph from Excel to this space. Make sure you have checked if they are correct.
Inferential statistics
You need to do step-by-step ANOVA and copy and paste the ANOVA table from Statkey.
Section 5: you can optionally put a title of the section in here
data presentation
You need to perform regression analysis and paste in some output in here. You can either use Excel (Data Data Analysis Regression) or Statkey. Note that most likely you will need to make a new scatter plot as the order of X and Y may be different.
Inferential statistics
Please refer to the marking criteria to see what inferences you need to make. Also make sure you make a conclusion that answer the research question.
Section 6: you can optionally put a title of the section in here
data presentation

Inferential statistics
H0: …
H1: …
Test-statistic = ?2 = 12.600
p-value = 0.126 (From Statkey, df = (3-1)(5-1) = 8 ; Right tailed)
write conclusion here

To perform Chi-square test in Statkey:
Go to Statkey website
Choose “More Advanced Randomization Tests: ?^2 Test for Association”

Click Edit Data then copy and paste your Dataset 2
Make sure you tick “Raw Data”

Click on the Summary

To find p-value, go to Statkey main page, and select: Theoretical Distributions: ?^2
Enter df = (#rows -1)(#cols – 1)
Section 7: Conclusion & Recommendation
Make sure you briefly mention all findings from all sections above.
Provide a clear suggestion for further research