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Assessment 3
Assessment type: Problem Based Scenario — individual report and presentation
Purpose: This assessment will allow students to demonstrate a Network design based on a real time
scenario. This assessment contributes to learning outcomes c and d.
Value: 30% (report 25%, presentation 5%)
Due Date: Week 11 (report), weeks 12 (presentations)
Topic: Network Design Report and Presentation
Submission requirements details: Report must be submitted on Moodle by Week 11 Sunday 1 1 pm.
Presentation in Tutorial classes in Week 12
Task details: You have been appointed as a Network System Administrator by the company XYZ in
Sydney to allocate public IP Version 4 (IPv4) addresses into 3 different locations, -2 remote offices
(Melbourne and Adelaide) and also one main offiæ in Sydney'. The major task is to allocate the
unreserved public IPv4 addresses to different offices.
Your network design need 4 subnets:
Subnet A (Sydney): It requires 63 IP addresses (60 for PCs and 2 for servers (Windows, Fax) and 1 for
router interface)
Subnet B (Melbourne): It requires 53 Ip addresses (50 for PCs and 2 for servers (DNS, Database) and
1 for router interface)
Subnet C (Adelaide): It requires 43 Ip addresses (40 for PCs and 2 for servers (Linux, Application)
Subnet D (Between two routers): It requires just 2 Ip addresses
You need to use routers and switches to make connection among devices and also between networks.
Each office has its own applications, but some applications require inter-department data transfer. All
workstations need internet access, company intranet access and also access to wireless network. You
need to come with design report and send it to your technical manager.
Report: The report must contain the following sections:
I. Introduction: Critical analysis of networking requirements
2. Local Area Network (LAN): Design and description of Local Area Network for all subnets which must
o Network topology: Discuss the reasons for choosing the particular network topology.
o LAN design connections to the servers, connection to other subnets and also the internet.
o IP addresses: Find all network and host addresses including subnet masks according to the
requirements with using the private address with your choice.
3. Hardware: Provide a complete description of all interconnecting devices (switches, routers, hubs and
access points) and wiring used to build the network. Provide justification for your choice.
4. Conclusion: Comprehensive summary of the work done and recommendations.
Presentation: A five-minute presentation on the main contributions of the report is to be given in Week 12
tutorial time.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1674 words including Diagrams and References

Editable Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation
Slide Count: 26 slides with Speaker Notes

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