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Assessment 2
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Task Description
Format: Word document, double spaced
Length: 2100 words
The word count is considered from the first word of the introduction to the last word of the conclusion. It excludes the cover page, abstract, contents page, reference list and appendices. It includes in-text references and direct quotations.
Short Answers
Answers to all questions must be referenced appropriately according to APA referencing guidelines. A minimum of 10 references is needed to demonstrate broad consideration of the topics. These references may be sourced from peer-reviewed journal articles and grey literature. One reference list should be provided at the end of the document.
Australian citizens and residents who live with HIV and hold a Medicare card are provided with fully subsidised anti-retroviral (AVR) therapy under the Pharmaceutical Benefit Scheme (PBS) Highly Specialised Drugs program. Overseas born HIV-positive temporary residents are not entitled to the same level of care as permanent residents.
The individual State and Territory health departments have established systems to assist overseas-born HIV-positive temporary residents access AVR. Some states have introduced legislation and policy directives allowing ineligible HIV-positive people to access AVR for free. Other states do not have formal legislation and rely on philanthropic relationships with pharmaceutical companies that provide free AVR treatment through compassionate access schemes.
The following three questions relate generally to the above scenario.
Question 1
Explain the role and governance of Medicare and the Pharmaceutical Benefit Scheme (300 words).
Question 2
Compare and contrast the role of the Australian Federal and State/Territory Governments in governance and funding of health care (300 words).
Question 3
Analyse how the current healthcare governance for temporary residence might affect the screening, diagnosis and treatment of HIV. Your answer should consider the possible health outcomes for temporary residents who are HIV-positive as well as the outcomes for healthcare providers? (500 words).
Question 4:
Nurse navigators are specialist registered nurses who assist people, with complex health needs or chronic conditions, to access the different levels of the health system. This question relates to nurse navigators and the Australian health system.
Write an academic essay that analyses the role of the nurse navigator. The essay should demonstrate your understanding of the different levels of the Australian healthcare system as well as compare and contrast the nurse navigator role with other nursing roles (1000 words).

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2656 words including References

Title: Medicines and Pharmaceutical Benefits Schemes in Australia

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