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T32019: ICT104 Program Design and Development
Programming Assignment
Assessment type: Programming Assignment
Purpose: This assessment will allow students to demonstrate their understanding of Java programming and object-oriented concepts, the use of list classes in collection framework, and the use of graphical features using swing and applets. This assessment contributes to Learning Outcomes c and d.
Value: 20%
Due Date: Week 10 Sunday 23:55
Task Details:
Topic: Develop Java application based on the given scenario: individual assignment
Assignment Details:
The context for this assignment (Part 1 and Part 2) is a ’Beer Bottles Game Development’ for calculating and displaying a LOSER. This assignment will test a student’s knowledge of and skills in writing application software for a task, understanding the business rules of a particular problem, coding these in a computer program, developing a graphical user interface.
For this assignment, students will use the Java programming language and development will be on the NetBeans IDE platform.
This assignment consists of 2 stages,
· Part 1: A simple console program (no GUI)
· Part 2: The same but wrapped in a GUI
Beer Bottles Game Development
1. In this game, there are 21 Beer bottles and 2 players – You and Computer.
2. You and Computer would pick up the Beer bottles one by one.
3. At a time, any number of beer bottles can be picked up between 1 and 4 (inclusive)
4. The one, who will have to pick up the last bottle, is the loser and will have to pay the bill.
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Design and implement a game, making use of Artificially Intelligent algorithm, so that if user is playing first, then the Computer would pick up the bottles intelligently each time, and the Computer would always Win. The Computer would never Lose.
Part 1: Design a Java application, which would display below message at the start of the game.
There are 21 beer bottles...
Computer and yourself, there are 2 players
At a time, each one can pick up any number of bottles
between 1 and 4 (inclusive)
Will you like to play first?
If the User types ‘Yes’ and presses ‘Enter’ key, the next lines of output would be
Will you like to play first?
How many you would like to pick up?
If you pick up 3 bottles initially and press ‘Enter’ to observe how many the Computer picks now, then as per your intelligent algorithm, the Computer needs to pick up any number of bottles between 1 and 4 (inclusive), so that at the end, the Computer would WIN. The next set of output would be.
How many you would like to pick up?
Computer has picked 2
The bottles remaining are: 16
How many you would like to pick up?
The User must be able to continue the game with Computer, and at every step the remaining bottles need to be displayed appropriately. The number of remaining bottles would get decreased at each step.
How many you would like to pick up?
Computer has picked 3
The bottles remaining are: 11
How many you would like to pick up?
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Runtime Does not execute due to errors. User prompts are misleading or non- existent. No testing has been completed. Executes with some warning errors. Executes without errors. User prompts contain little information, poor design. Some testing has been completed. Executes
without errors. User prompts are understandable, minimum use of symbols or spacing in output. Thorough testing has been completed Executes without errors excellent user prompts, good use of symbols, spacing in output. Thorough and organized testing has been completed and output from test cases is included. 3
Efficiency A difficult and inefficient solution. A solution which provides some answer but not efficient. A logical solution that is easy to follow but it is not the most efficient. Solution is efficient and easy to follow (i.e. no confusing tricks). Solution is efficient, easy to
understand, and maintain. 3
Demonstration Not given or shown irrelevant, incomplete or ambiguous functionality and features shown and discussed. Some of the features and functionality are shown and discussed but some are incomplete. Most of the features and functionality are shown and discussed, are mostly complete. All of the features and functionality are shown and discussed systematically. All of the features and functionality are shown and discussed systematically with additional details. 5

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Complete source code along with the screenshots

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