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MGT302 Strategic Management Assessment 2 — 30%
Alternative Approaches to Strategic management
Due Date: Friday week 10
A report — 2500 words — a min of 10 suitable references —
follow Haruard guidelines
Title page
Executive Summary (60 words)
Table of contents
Introduction (about 200 words)
Three Approaches (7M) words for each approach)
Using appropriate headings and sub-headings
What each approach is and who developed it if possible.
Students should identify at least one organisation where each
approach has been Implemented and evaluate the success Of
the approach,
(The following approaches are potential ones, only)
•other approaches — Sequential approach, Hierarchical
approach, Incremental and interactive approach,
Re.'olutionary approach, Resource based View, Agency
theory, Industry leadership etc.
Conclusions (atN»ut 100 words)
Reference List.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2955 words including References

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