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CUCIOO Assessment 3: Oral & Visual Presentation
5 minutes audio and slide presentation
Total of 10 PowerPoint slides
Monday, 23:59 (CST) Week 9 uploaded to Learnline
Internal students also present their PowerPoints in class during Week 9.
Submit your PowerPoint file through the -A3: PowerPoint Presentation- link in the
-Assessment Submission- area of Learnline by 23:59 on Monday of Week 9.
Task Overview:
This assessment item represents an important stage in writing an essay — drawing up a
clear plan of how you will organise and reference your ideas.
By presenting your essay plan for feedback, you will have a chance to review and refine
your approach before you start writing. Also, through this PowerPoint, you will build and
practice the important academic skills of presenting information verbally and visually.
Task Details:
This assessment requires you to orally and visually present your plan of the basic ideas,
organisation and possible references for your final essay in the form of a PowerPoint
slide presentation. Your 10 slides should include the following.
Slide 1: Provide your name and a title for the presentation, clearly indicating your
chosen scenario and scope.
Slide 2: Provide a draft thesis statement (key argument responding to the essay task) for
your essay, in one or two sentences.
Slide 3: Provide a background to your chosen scenario, which should include your scope
and key stakeholders.
Slide 4: Provide a relevant definition of sustainability that reflects the concerns and
potential responses in your chosen scenario.
Slide 5: Include a graphic (visual) representation of your overall essay plan. This can be
either a taxonomy or a visual outline, providing it is clear and accurate.
Slides 6, 7 & 8: Explain the specific sustainability concerns related to your draft thesis
statement, in terms of environmental, social and economic points of view, briefly
indicating responses that could help achieve sustainability and could be argued
for. Allow one slide per pillar, connecting the concerns and responses directly to
your taxonomy or visual outline of the essay.
Slide 9: Using the formal bibliographic (referencing) style of APA 6th edition, list the most
relevant publications you have found so far, and orally comment on at least one.
Slide 10: Conclude your presentation by reflecting on your progress towards writing the
final essay. This slide may also indicate any questions you are still considering or
further research that you still need to do.
CUCIOO Assessment 3: Oral & Visual Presentation
Note: This is not a final plan so we don't expect you to cover everything that you will
discuss in your essay, but we do expect that at this stage you will have decided on most
of the key ideas (topics and sub-topics) that your essay will cover.
INTERNAL STUDENTS: Orally present your PowerPoint in class during Week 9.
EXTERNAL STUDENTS: Record your voice (as though presenting to an audience) and
place the audio within your PowerPoint (slide by slide). If you wish, you may submit
Assessment 3 as a video file (MPEG-4 or MP4), after converting it from a PowerPoint file.
Practical guidelines for this, and for placing audio in your PowerPoint slides, are found in
Learnline through the -Assessment Tasks- link: see 'ICT Guidelines for Assessment 3'.
Points to consider for passing Assessment 3:
Read the task description carefully, so you include all required information;
Select a design template to ensure that your slides appear consistent in look and feel;
Select appropriate images that portray your slide's message and purpose. For images
you select, reference each with its own web address directly under the image; not in
slide 9 (which is a -bibliography' of the most relevant publications you have found).
When speaking to slide 9, however, comment on at least one of the listed publications
— how it relates to your essay plan;
Practice your speech before presenting (internal students) or recording your voice
(external students, as well as carefully check that your recording is audible);
Present to your audience:
In an engaging way — varying your tone and adding suitable emphasis to certain
words; maintaining eye contact and using bcxiy language (internal students);
Making slides readable and attractive from a distance (minimum 24 point font);
Keeping slides uncluttered — using only bullet BX)ints rather than full sentences;
Not reading off the slides, but using them to support what you are saying;
Maintaining formal style, without colloquial language.
Over the page is an example that shows what we would expect you to cover in your essay
plan on slide 5. The diagram doesn't include any details (ideas or publications) that would
relate to a specific essay — but we would expect you to include such details. Present your
essay plan as a taxonomy, like in the example, or alternatively as a 'hierarchy' of points,
arguments and ideas, using headings and sub-headings