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<p>TENDER <br>DOCUCUMENT <br>XYZ COUNCIL <br>NSW <br>IMPLEMENTATION <br>OF <br>CORPORATE PLANNING &amp; REPORTING SYSTEM <br>PROJECT <br>NOVEMBER 2019 <br>1 Tender Schedule 1 – Tender Form <br>Project #: 14041 <br>Project Name: Corporate Planning and Reporting System (CPRS) Dated: <br>Registered name of Tenderer: <br>Trading name: <br>Registered office / business address: <br>Mailing Address: <br>Australian Business Number (A.B.N.): <br>Contact person: <br>Office telephone number: <br>Mobile telephone number: <br>Facsimile number: <br>Email address: <br>Website address: www. <br>The party/parties [delete whichever is not applicable] specified above hereby tender to provide the Services based on the Conditions of Contract in consideration of the making of the following payments by Council. <br>1. Lump Sum for Services under the Contract $ <br>2. 10% Goods and Services Tax $ <br>3. Total Lump Sum tendered (Sum of items 1 &amp; 2 above) $ <br>Signature of Authorised Person <br>Name of Authorised Person (Please print) <br>2 Tender Schedule 2 – Breakdown of Lump Sum Tendered <br>Please provide below a breakdown of the lump sum tendered in Tender Schedule 1: <br>Item <br>(Task) Item (Task) Description Person Days <br>Allowed <br>(If applicable) Price <br>Including GST <br>1 Software including licence to facilitate up to 120 concurrent users. <br>Description of Software: Not applicable $ <br>2 Software modifications required to base product to meet Council’s system requirements $ <br>3 Software delivery $ <br>4 System administration training $ <br>5 System configuration and Integration services $ <br>6 Acceptance testing $ <br>7 End user training $ <br>9 Support and maintenance for the first 12 months Not applicable $ <br>10 Other1 $ <br>Total Lump Sum <br>Tendered $ <br>3 Tender Schedule 3 – Optional Modules Required <br>The optional modules may be purchased by Council in addition to the CPRS and associated items, as priced in Tender Schedule 2. No guarantee is given that any of the modules will be purchased by Council. <br>Item <br>(Task) Item (Task) Description Supply and <br>Installation1 Cost <br>Including GST <br>1 Risk Management Module <br>(if not included in Tender Schedule 2) <br>This module will enable users to create, store and report on the Strategic and Operational Risk Register. <br>Product: $ <br>2 Project Planning Module <br>(if not included in Tender Schedule 2) <br>This module will handle project planning, selection, budgeting, and programming. <br>Product: $ <br>3 Performance Planning Module <br>This module will enable users to create, store and report on the Staff Performance Plans. <br>Product: $ <br>5 Other (Please specify) $ <br>NOTE 1 - Installation costs include all the Items (1 to 10) listed in Tender Schedule 2. <br>4 Tender Schedule 4 – Ongoing Items (Tasks) <br>Item <br>(Task) Item (Task) Description Price <br>Including GST <br>1 Annual support and maintenance services fee for CPRS (after the first 12 months included in Item 9 of Tender Schedule 2) including helpdesk services, new releases, updates, software patches and fixes. $ <br>2 Software licence fee for each additional user (beyond the 120 users included in Item 1 of Tender Schedule 2) $ <br>3 Other (If there are any additional ongoing fees, please specify below) $ <br>5 Tender Schedule 5 – Technical and Functional Requirements <br>Council’s technical and functional requirements are weighted as either “Mandatory”, “Highly Desirable” or “Desirable”, as defined below: <br>Weighting Code Description <br>Mandatory M A requirement that is considered essential to the day-to-day running of Council business. If this requirement is not met, Council will not be able to operate at an acceptable level. <br>Highly Desirable HD A requirement that is important to Council. If this requirement was not met, Council would still be able to operate, albeit at a sub-optimal level. <br>Desirable D A requirement that provides some benefit to Council but would not create significant additional work if it were not met. <br>The Tenderer shall indicate the extent to which its tender response complies with the technical or functional requirements in the tables below by ranking each requirement as either “Complies”, “Partially Complies” or “Does Not Comply”, as defined below: <br>Level of Compliance Code Description <br>Complies C If ‘Complies’ is nominated, this means that the tendered solution currently fulfils the requirement “out of the box” (i.e. without configuration) or has the ability to be configured to fully comply with the requirement, the requirement is met within the overall cost of the tendered solution, and can be demonstrated within the production version of the nominated application/s at the time of submitting the tender response. If ‘Complies’ is nominated, then the ‘Explanation’ column should NOT be completed. <br>Partially Complies P If ‘Partially Complies’ is nominated, the extent to which the solution complies must be explained in the ‘Explanation’ column. If it is expected that a modification is required to comply with the requirement, then an appropriate comment should be made in the ‘Explanation’ column and costs included in the ‘Price’ column and in Tender Schedule 2. Failure to qualify ‘Partially Complies’ responses with a reasonable explanation will be treated as a statement of non-compliance. <br>If the Tenderer believes that an alternative that satisfies the intent of the requirement is available and the requirement can be met via an alternative within the overall cost of the tendered solution, then this must be explained in the ‘Explanation’ column. <br>Does Not Comply D If ‘Does Not Comply’ is nominated, this will mean that the proposed solution does not comply with the requirement and the Tenderer does not propose the development of the solution to provide any level of compliance. <br>5.1 System Features <br>To implement an integrated corporate reporting system with the following technical features and requirements that are to apply across all modules of the system 5.1.1 User Interface <br>Item Requirement Weighting</p>