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MRKT20052 Assessment 1B:
Portfolio Articles Analysis
Weight: 10%
Word limit: Maximum of 1,000 words for your selected article
Due: Monday Week 6
Due date and time: 23rd December, 5 PM AEST. Note: please adjust this time if you have daylight savings or are not in Queensland.
For this assessment, each student will choose any ONE of the two articles provided below and write a reflective analysis. This is an individual assessment with a maximum word count of 1,000 words for the article analysis excluding references.
In analysing the chosen article, the emphasis is on identifying the marketing implications of the events or issues described in the selected article. For the selected article, students are to prepare a write-up (in a .doc or .docx format) answering the following question:
What are the implications of the events/incidents/issues in the article from a marketing perspective and how will these impact (positively or negatively) relevant stakeholders?
The write-up for each article should be presented in the following format using headings as per the three points below:
1. Concise summary of the key issues illustrated in the article.
2. Explanation of why the issues illustrated in the article is important.
3. Discussion of implications of these issues from a marketing perspective.
Article Reference
#1 Rigby, B. (2019). How brands are capitalising on the ‘Markle Sparkle’ and consumer trends to push sustainable fashion. Retrieved from:
#2 Singer, M. (2019). Smaller stores and free booze: Myer's plan to lure shoppers after dark. Retrieved from:
Provide a list of at least 4 references for your reflective analysis. The references should consist of published academic and research papers and textbooks in the write-up to support key points. Ensure that your references are relevant to the issues discussed. You should also reference the chosen articles in the submission document with the correct URL in the reference list section (this is additional to your academic references). Referencing should follow the APA style, which can be found at
All assessments may be checked by the marker and Unit Coordinator for potential plagiarism issues. Therefore, write in your own words, do NOT use Google Translate or Spin, do NOT copy a part or all of a friend’s assessment or pay someone else to do your assessment. It is not just your Turnitin score that counts but whether a staff member feels that this is not your own work that may make us take a long look at your assessment.
If your assessment is suspected to be plagiarised, it will be forwarded to an appropriate authority and severe penalties will be applied if you are found guilty of Academic Misconduct.
Assessment Criteria:
• Summary of key issues (10%)
• Explanations of issues’ importance (30%)
• Reflective analysis (30%)
• Writing style (10%)
• Evidence of research (20%)
Detailed marking rubric that will be used to mark your assessment can be found in the
Assessments folder in Moodle. Penalties apply for late submission (1 mark will be deducted from the total mark for every day late in submission, unless an extension has been granted by the Unit Coordinator).
Submission checklist for Assessment 1:
• Cover page with student name, student ID, campus, tutor, tutorial class, word count from introduction to reference list (template is provided in Moodle)
• 1.5 line spacing and 12 size font in Times New Roman;
• Maximum of 1,000 words for the article excluding references;
• Submitted in .doc or .docx format

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1210 words including References

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