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Hi guys,
1. Your assessment clearly says that the assessment type is a chart/diagram. This is the basic requirement to pass, if you are not including them in your submission it's likely that you will not pass along with your reference list.
2. It needs to demonstrate(in graphical form i.e. chart, diagram, graph etc. respective theory - Product classification in the service industry(Core, Augmented and Supplementary) and the A service process map/blueprint of the service organization’s different steps of the processes followed by the service organisation, time taken for each process etc.
3. the chart/blueprint should be self-explanatory however, should you wish you can include a small justification for each. This will support the presentation of your chart/blueprint but not a requirement of the assessment.
4. be mindful that you need to prepare(make) this chart/blueprint your self in a word document, copy-paste from any online sources will not be accepted and will be considered as a breach of academic integrity.
Lastly but most importantly, please show your draft to your lecturers and follow the feedback they give you. Remember, their feedback is to help you make it better i.e. if it is something that you cant pass the assessment, draft feedback will show you ways to achieve a pass grade, similarly, if your lecturer finds that your draft is of distinction category, they may give you feedback that will show you ways to achieve a high distinction. Whether to take their feedback on board or not, is your choice.
I hope this clarifies most of your doubts if you still need additional clarification, feel free to email me.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 672 words including Diagrams and References

Title: Service Mapping Blueprint

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