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This essay should be write about nonverbal communication and you should choose the concept in the file that I send to you and follow the essay example. It is a 30% essay so please take an extra care!
Assessment Tasks and Submission
Assessment 2: Essay
Assessment 2: Essay
Submission method: Upload through MySCU assessment tasks and submission link.
(NB: Clear upload instructions/training are part of Assignment 1).
You must upload your essay through Turnitin. After a few minutes you can click on -View/Complete- again to view your originality
report. You can re-edit and upload multiple times until the due date. Please note, subsequent originality reports can take up to 24 hours
to generate.
The essay task
Choose two concepts from the list of concepts linked to Topics 1 , 2 and 3 (available on our unit learning site).
Analyse an observed communication event by applying these two concepts to the event. Use one paragraph for each Draw
examples illustrating these concepts only from your observed event.
In the describe the insights this process has given you by describing the deeper understanding you have gained into the
observed communication event
should answer these questions:
How do these concepts enhance understanding of the dynamics of events? What useful insights could
someone gain by applying these two to observations of communication?
Your academic essay should:
be structured to the essay framework provided on our unit learning site
briefly describe the communication event in the introduction
analyse the event by applying two concepts from Topics 1—3 to the event in the body of your essay
describe the insights this process has given you; and state whether you have gained a understanding of the observed
communication event in the conclusion of your essay
demonstrate correct in-text referencing and a correct reference list for at least five references according to a consistent Harvard
reference style, e.g. as described in the following Reading:
Summers, J & Smith, B 2010, Referencing , Communication skills handbook: How to succeed in written and oral communication,
Topic Non-verbal communication
Non-verbal communication, part (a)
Key concepts for this topic:

Artifactics (use of objects)
Chronemics (use of time)
Haptics (touch)
Kinesics: (body movements): emblems; illustrators; affect displays; regulators; adaptors
Olfactics (smell)
Oculesics (eye contact)
posture (body stance)
proxemics (use of physical space)
Vocalics (paralanguage)
This recording focuses on the five forms of kinesics (which are popular concepts to cover in the essay)
Readings for this topic:
Lawson, C, Gill, R, Feekery & Witsel, M 2019 Communication Skills for Business professionals, Cambridge University press, port Melbourne, Victoria, Australia:
Section of Chapter 13, Oral communication and presentations, pp 395401.
Rea dings
2.1 sacks, 0 1985, The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat, Chapter 9, The presidents speech, Picador, London, pp. 76-80 (OPTIONAL)
2.2 De Vito, JA 2013, Chapter 6: Nonverbal messages in The Interpersonal Communication Book, 13th edn, Addison Wesley Longman, New York, pp.
TED talks:
John Cleese, The Human Face, BBC television: (OPTIONAL)
Lepic 2 Non-verbal communication part A

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1075 words including References

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