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CMU 101: Assessment 1
Due: Tuesday, December 17, 2019
Write a descriptive essay of 800-850 words.
Choose ONE of these topics:
• business models or strategies
• marketing methods
• personal development and success
• a current technological development
• Your essay should focus on description, and include at least 3 main points. • The essay should be no less than 800 and no more than 850 words • Type the essay in an appropriate 12 point font.
• Include at least 2 in-text references to material you have read, and a bibliography listing at least 4 sources, using an appropriate referencing style. (Note: websites like Wikipedia are not acceptable sources for academic work)
• Include a cover page
• Essays must be submitted through Turnitin, and must show no more than a 30% similarity rating. Essays with more than 30% similarity may be penalised, or may have to be rewritten.
• Essays submitted after the due date will incur a penalty of 10% per day up to 7 days.
• Essays submitted more than 7 days late will not be marked.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 976 words including References


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