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Case for the assignment
Read the case a few times carefully.
Report Structure
1. Title page,
2. Executive summary,
3. Table of contents,
4. Introduction
5. Suitable headings and subheadings,
6. Conclusions,
7. Reference list (Harvard — Anglia style)
8. Appendix.
Use 12 pt Times New Roman or 11 pt Calibri fonts. Single line spacing.
Executive Summary
• The Executive Summary (approx. 60 words)
• Quick overview of the key outcomes of the analysis
Supermarkets: who will win and when? 2000 + 10% word Report Weight 20% marks DUE FRIDAY Week 6 - 5:00pm through Moodle — word.doc or .docx
Contents of your report
Introduction — brief description of the company and the industry of which it is part and the main challenge(s) being faced- i.e. why are you being asked to analyse the case. Macro environmental analysis - factors which are changing or impacting on the company and/or the industry— include some discussion as to what they mean for the company Industry analysis (for each industry if more than one)
• brief description of the life cycle stage of the industry
• Porters 5 forces analysis — conclusion regarding attractiveness
Company analysis: resources and capabilities — core competencies — include some discussion of which ones are/will be most effective in achieving strategies and objectives or are most important to identified environmental factors — macro and/or industry. VRIO Framework. Competitor analysis: draw conclusions about main competitive threats (if any) (link back to 5 forces analysis) Strategy analysis:
• Identify strategies - Corporate Level and/or Business level if possible
• Analyse if working or not — why / why not
• Suggestions for improving current strategies or suggestions for new strategies — link back to analysis and explain why you think they will work
Conclusion — summary, recommendations, prediction for future of the company/industry
Use your referenced sources and theory to support your analysis and recommendations.
Presentation: Title page, executive summary, table of contents, body of report containing suitable headings and subheadings, reference list (Harvard-Anglia style), single spaced, font Times New Roman 12pt, Calibri 1 1pt or Arial l Opt. MM of 8 suitable reliable current acceptable sources See course outline for marking scale.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2406 words including References

Company name is Nintendo

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