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Assessment task 1: Brief reflection on your own experience of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture
Intent: This assessment enables an individual reflection on student's own knowledge and/or experience of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people's culture.
Type: Individual Reflection
Weight: 10%
Task: Recently in the media, there have been accounts of people disrespecting Indigenous culture by climbing Uluru. You are required to watch and reflect on a YouTube clip about people climbing Uluru.
You are to write a short individual reflection on your knowledge and/or experience of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and whether your views are respectful of their culture. This does not require referencing – it is a brief personal reflection.
The YouTube clip can be accessed on UTS online in the week one online folder.
Length: 300 words
Due: 11.45pm Friday 6 December 2019
Criteria: Marking Criteria Comprehensive marking criteria for each assessment are available under Assessments in UTSOnline.
Further information: Feedback Written feedback will be given within 3 weeks of submission.

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