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Assessment Cover Sheet
Student name: Student ID:
Unit code & name: ICTICT415 - Provide one-to-one instruction
Qualification: ICT40115 – Certificate IV in Information Technology
Trainer name:
Date Due: 26.07.2019
Date submitted :
1st Attempt Result (For the assessor) Competent Not Yet Competent Assessor signature Date:

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Comments (must be included if result is Not Satisfactory)
U I hereby declare that no part of this assignment or product has been copied from any other student’s
work or from any other source except where due acknowledgement is made in the assignment.
U No part of the assignment/product has been written / produced for me by any other person
except where collaboration has been authorised by the trainer/assessor concerned
U I am aware that this work may be reproduced and submitted to plagiarism detection software
programs etc. for the purpose of detecting possible plagiarism (which may retain a copy on
its database for future plagiarism checking)
U I have read and I clearly understand GBC assessment, course progress and intervention
Student signature:
Note: The assessor may not mark this assignment if the above declaration is not ticked and signed.

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Assessment instructions
Assessment can either be:
Direct observation
Project-based methods e.g. reports, role plays, work samples Questioning/ Interview
All assessment tasks should be completed in the class room, unless approved by the assessor. Prior to commencing the assessments, your trainer/assessor will explain each assessment task and the terms and conditions relating to the assessment tasks. Please consult with your trainer/assessor if you are unsure of any questions. It is important that you understand and adhere to the terms and conditions, and address fully each assessment task. Your trainer/assessor will remain available to support you throughout the assessment process.
Answering the questions for written assessments
Assessment tasks are used to measure your understanding and underpinning skills and knowledge of the
overall unit of competency. While undertaking any written assessment tasks, please ensure that you type the
following criteria in the space provide in the columns:
Address each question including any sub-points as per the instructions provided with each question in
the column
Demonstrate that you have researched the topic thoroughly
Cover the topic in a logical, structured manner
Your assessment tasks are well presented, well referenced
Result & outcome
Once the learner has satisfactorily completed all the tasks for this module the learner will be awarded “Competent” (C) or “Not yet Competent” (NYC) for the relevant unit of competency.
Additional evidence
If GBC, at its sole discretion, determine that it require additional or alternative information/evidence in order to determine competency, you must provide us with such information/evidence, subject to privacy and confidentiality issues. GBC retain this right at any time, including after submission of your assessments.
Assessment appeals process
If you feel that you have been unfairly treated during your assessment, and you are not happy with your assessment and/or the outcome as a result of that treatment, you have the right to lodge an appeal. You must first discuss the issue with your trainer/assessor. If you would like to proceed further with the request after discussions with your trainer/assessor, you need to lodge your appeal, in writing, outlining the reason(s) for the appeal.
Special needs
Candidates with special needs should notify their trainer/assessor to request any required adjustments as soon as possible. This will enable the trainer/assessor to address the identified needs immediately.
If you feel you are not yet ready to be assessed or that this assessment is unfair, please contact your assessor to discuss your options. You have the right to formally appeal any outcome and, if you wish to do so, discuss this with your trainer/assessor.

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Assessment Guidelines
Performance Evidence
Evidence of the ability to:
· determine the instruction required by client
· acquire and prepare associated resources
· demonstrate empathy and understanding of the learner and accommodate different cultures
· convey technical information to individual clients for their specific use in a clear, concise and coherent manner
· Convey the meanings of technical jargon.
Knowledge Evidence
To complete the unit requirements safely and effectively, the individual must:
· identify delivery and evaluation methods
· discuss adult learning principles and styles
· outline communication and facilitation techniques
· discuss critical behaviour issues and problems that can occur with one-on-one instruction
· describe the general features and capabilities of current industry accepted hardware and software products
· describe the functions and features of common operating systems (OS)
· identify and describe hardware and software supported by the organisation
· recognise the availability of in-house or vendor support
· identify and describe common information and communications technology (ICT) terms and terminology
· describe security and network guidelines and procedures
· outline sources and availability of technical and organisational systems
· specify telephone, fax and online functions and procedures
· Identify and incorporate work group procedures.
Week 1
Task A & Task B

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ABC is a renowned IT Service Provider company, dealing with a large number of clients. ABC provides Software development, hardware installations and troubleshooting assistance for hardware devices including laptops, desktops, printers and mobiles. They are actively involved in community based services as well. Recently Library contacted them to provide a one to one session to operate windows 7 desktop. Your manager chooses you to prepare a one to one instruction session to provide intermediate level training.
You will deal with middle level management professionals and their organisations replaced the paper based system to electronic system. Attendee might be from multi lingual background, maybe some need special arrangements as well. They are facing difficulties in these areas:
· Emailing (attach document, download documents, etc.)
· Microsoft office (type letter, maintain data in Excel, and Preparing Presentation)
· Printing and copying documents on network
· Smart phone application (installation, and use)
Being a reputable service providing officer you are able to train the users in accordance with the system. The management of library provide a separate place with the appropriate sitting arrangement, multimedia (you can request if required different setup). You need to prepare and design the complete one to one instruction session for the above mentioned criteria (choose one). While preparing the session you must consider these:
· Meet with client and determine learning need and actions for delivery
· Determine the resources required to perform instruction and plan
· Identify the resources and document the instruction session
· Design the feedback form, collect from audience and refer further instructions
· Analyse the feedback and discuss suggestion with an appropriate person.
Task A
Prepare and submit the presentation and documentation by following the above asked bullet points. Please use the template provided in the students folder.

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Task B: Written Questions
a. identify delivery and evaluation methods
b. discuss adult learning principles and styles
c. outline communication and facilitation techniques
d. discuss critical behaviour issues and problems that can occur with one-on-one instruction
e. describe the functions and features of common operating systems (OS)
f. identify and describe hardware and software supported by the organisation

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1043 words including References

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