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Subject Code and Title ENT203 Marketing for Entrepreneurship
Assessment Presentation
Individual/Group Individual
Length 3 minutes (-/+ 10%)
Learning Outcomes The Subject Learning Outcomes demonstrated by successful completion of the task below include:
a) Compare, contrast and select effective methods for engaging customers in relevant markets.
Submission Due by 11:55pm AEST Sunday of Module 2.1.
Weighting 15%
Total Marks 100 marks
Task Summary
In a presentation, identify the most effective market research methods for entrepreneurial journeys/ventures, compare and contrast their cost effectiveness and consider their use for the lean entrepreneur. Include your environmental scan (Part A) activity which you conducted in Module 1.2.
Please refer to the Task Instructions for details on how to complete this task.
Entrepreneurs are generally both time and cash poor as they lack the people and financial resources of larger and more established ventures. Being able to conduct cost effective primary and secondary market research, including conducting industry environmental scans, enables entrepreneurs to focus on the identified needs of customers and assists with starting to establish a strong brand.
To complete this assessment task, you must include the following elements in your presentation:
1. Outline the primary and secondary research methods you have identified as the most effective methods for entrepreneurial journeys/ventures (approximately 60 seconds).
2. Select two methods as your preferred market research strategy and provide the advantages and disadvantages of each. Use the points below as a guide (approximately 90 seconds).
· Identify whether the method is primary or secondary research.
· Briefly explain any advantages and disadvantages around the use of the method with products or services.
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3. Describe different ways you and other students could use the methods in your
entrepreneurial practice in the future, based on what you have learned (approximately 30 seconds).
Record your presentation on your phone or other device, zoom or other video/audio recording method.
· Your presentation can include PowerPoint slides, WIKI or other tools to assist your audience to understand your key points.
· The presentation should be based on concepts, tools and processes covered in the materials you studied in Module 1.
Upload your video/audio following the instructions in ‘Submit a video assignment’ under Submitting Assessments & Turnitin in your Learning with Technology page in Blackboard.
Submission Instructions
Submit your Presentation assessment via the Assessment link in the main navigation menu in ENT203 Marketing for Entrepreneurship.
Your learning facilitator will provide feedback via the Grade Centre in the LMS portal. Feedback can be viewed in My Grades.
The below learning rubric guides the marker when awarding marks for your assessment. You should use this rubric to review your assessment task prior to submission, ensuring there is nothing you have missed.

Assessment Rubric
Attributes Fail (Unacceptable)
0-49% Pass
50-64% Credit
65-74% Distinction
75 -84% High Distinction
Knowledge and The presentation The presentation The presentation The presentation The presentation
understanding of demonstrates a limited demonstrates a general demonstrates a thorough demonstrates a highly demonstrates a
modern market understanding of required knowledge or knowledge or understanding developed understanding of sophisticated
research methods for concepts and knowledge understanding of required of required concepts and required concepts and understanding of required
entrepreneurs. of modern market concepts and knowledge of knowledge of modern market knowledge of modern concepts and knowledge of
research methods for modern market research research methods for market research methods modern market research
entrepreneurs. methods for entrepreneurs. There are some mistakes in entrepreneurs. There are minor mistakes in for entrepreneurs. methods for entrepreneurs.
40% Key components of the assignment are not the information presented. information presented. Discriminates between assertion of personal Systematically and critically discriminates between
addressed. Resembles a recall or Supports personal opinion opinion and information assertion of personal
summary of key ideas. and information
substantiated by evidence substantiated by robust evidence from the opinion and information substantiated by robust
Often confuses assertion of from the research/subject research/subject materials evidence from the
personal opinion with information substantiated by evidence from the materials.
Presentation demonstrates a and extended reading.
Well demonstrated capacity research/subject materials and extended reading.
research/subject materials. capacity to explain and apply relevant concepts. to explain and apply relevant concepts. Mastery of concepts and application to new situations/further learning.
Analysis and application Limited synthesis and Demonstrated analysis and Well-developed analysis and Thoroughly developed and Highly sophisticated and
with synthesis of analysis of effective synthesis of effective synthesis of effective primary creative analysis and creative analysis, synthesis
effective primary and primary and secondary primary and secondary and secondary research synthesis of effective of effective primary and
secondary research research strategy for research strategy for strategy for entrepreneurs. primary and secondary secondary research
strategy for entrepreneurs. entrepreneurs. entrepreneurs. research strategy for entrepreneurs. strategy for entrepreneurs.
ENT203_Assessment_1_Presentation.docx Page 3 of 4

Content, audience and Demonstrates no Demonstrates limited Demonstrates awareness of Demonstrates an advanced Consistently demonstrates
purpose of the oral presentation, including description of future use awareness of context, audience and/or purpose of the task. awareness of context, audience and/or purpose of the task. context, audience and/or purpose of the task. and integrated
understanding of context, audience and/or purpose of a systematic and critical understanding of context, audience and purpose of
of selected market Description of future use of the task. the task.
research methods in Description of future use Description of future use of selected market research
entrepreneurial of selected market selected market research methods in entrepreneurial Description of future use of Description of future use of
practice. research methods in methods in entrepreneurial practice is appropriate and selected market research selected market research
20% entrepreneurial practice is irrelevant and/or inappropriate to the content, audience and practice is somewhat appropriate to the content, audience and purpose of the oral presentation, and relevant to the content, audience and purpose of the oral presentation, albeit not clearly structured in methods in entrepreneurial practice is relevant and effective in presenting key content and addressing the methods in entrepreneurial practice is critical to address the right content, considering the audience
purpose of the oral presentation. its relevance is debatable. presentation. audience and purpose of the oral presentation. and purpose of the oral presentation.
The description of future use, effectively informs the entrepreneur on the suitability of the selected market research methods as a potential strategy.
Effective Difficult to understand for Information, arguments and Information, arguments and Information, arguments and Expertly presented; the
Communication audience, no logical/clear structure, poor flow of evidence are presented in a way that is not always clear evidence are well presented, mostly clear flow of ideas and evidence are very well presented; the presentation presentation is logical, persuasive, and well
ideas, argument lacks supporting evidence. and logical. arguments. is logical, clear and well supported by evidence. supported by evidence, demonstrating a clear flow
15% Line of reasoning is often Line of reasoning is easy to of ideas and arguments.
Audience cannot follow the line of reasoning. difficult to follow. follow. Demonstrates cultural sensitivity. Engages and sustains audience’s interest in the topic.
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There are 2 files including Word Document and PowerPoint Presentation

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