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Subject Code and Title MKT103A – Integrated Marketing Communications
Assessment Assessment 2 – Integrated Marketing Campaign Reflection Analysis
Individual/Group Individual
Length 1000 words (+/- 10%)
Learning Outcomes a) Describe the principles of integrated marketing communications.
b) Identify and analyse marketing communication approaches through the application of communication models and relevant theory.
c) Compare and contrast the effectiveness of media tools used to design integrated marketing communication campaign plans.
d) Define and design a creative integrated marketing communication campaign plan
By 11:55pm AEST/AEDT Sunday of module 4.1 (week 7)
Weighting 30 %
Total Marks 100 marks
Successful marketing campaigns use a coordinated approach called integration. By reviewing current Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC), you will recognise which marketing tools are being used and explain their effectiveness for specific target audiences.
This assessment task is designed for you to apply your critical thinking skills to analyse marketing campaigns and their relevance, drawing from the knowledge you have gained from modules 1 and 2.
Furthermore, this analysis will assist you to grasp the relevance of an integrated approach in the marketing industry. Not all campaigns are successful, but as marketers, it is important to evaluate campaigns so effective allocation of money is utilised. This assessment task provides you with an insight into an activity that maybe part of your job role in the future.
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Starting in week 5, you are to find an IMC campaign of a brand of your choice. Over the next 3 weeks (week 5 inclusive), follow this brand’s campaign activity, through their posts on social media, outdoor advertising campaigns, digital marketing, or whatever your research reveals about this promotional activity. Document your findings using screen shots, links, photos etc. At the end of week 7, you will write a reflection paper based on your observation of their activities and supported by academic resources.
This assessment involves the following activities:
1. Choose a brand’s integrated marketing communication campaign.
a. How will you find an integrated campaign? Go to websites such as ,, or follow a brand you like. There are so many campaigns available, but it must be CURRENT! (happening now). If you have any challenges in finding a campaign, please discuss this with your learning facilitator.
2. Research and follow your chosen brand’s campaign from week 5 to week 7, documenting your observations on their activities across social media and other IMC platforms (i.e. posts, images, videos, links, screenshots).
3. Conduct academic research on IMC relevant to this assessment task within and outside the subject learning resources.
4. Write your Integrated Marketing Campaign Reflection Analysis following the below outline:
a. Introduce the brand you have chosen, their website and target audience (approximately 125 words).
b. Reflect on the brand’s campaign per week, addressing the following questions:
i. How did the campaign unfold over the three weeks you followed it (i.e. social media first, then PR launch, then outdoor advertising)? It will vary from one campaign to the next.
ii. How does the campaign use and integrate different elements of the IMC mix to communicate their message to their target audience (i.e. use of colour and logos)?
c. Use the sourced material you have documented in your observations and the academic research you conducted to support your ideas in point b above (approximately 250 words for each weekly analysis).
d. Write a conclusion (approximately 125 words).
e. Follow the APA 6th edition style of referencing to cite your academic resources and provide your reference list. Please see the Academic Skills page on Blackboard for information on referencing in APA 6th ed.:
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Submission Instructions
Submit your Assessment 2: Integrated Marketing Campaign Reflection Analysis via the Assessment link in the main navigation menu in MKT103 Integrated Marketing Communications. The learning facilitator will provide feedback via the Grade Centre in the LMS portal. Feedback can be viewed in My Grades.
The learning rubric below is your guide to how your assessment task will be marked. Please be sure to check this rubric very carefully before submission.

Learning Rubric: Assessment 2 Integrated Marketing Campaign Reflection Analysis
Assessment Attributes Fail (Unacceptable)
0-49% Pass
50-64% Credit
65-74% Distinction
75 -84% High Distinction
Introduction of brand’s Brand has not been Brand has been basically Brand has been satisfactorily Brand has been thoroughly Brand has been expertly
integrated marketing introduced, nor there is introduced, and there is introduced, and their website introduced, and their introduced, and their
communication evidence of an attempt to some evidence of an and target audience have website and target website and target
campaign identify their website, and attempt to identify their been clearly identified. audience have been clearly audience have been clearly
20% target audience. website and target audience, although it may omit to identify one these key elements. and identified. and diligently identified.
Reflection and analysis Text demonstrates a Text demonstrates a basic Reflection on the sequence of Reflection on the sequence Reflection on the sequence
of brand’s campaign limited attempt to reflect attempt to reflect on the campaign activities, and on of campaign activities, and of campaign activities, and
activities on the sequence of sequence of campaign the use and integration of on the use and integration on the use and integration
campaign activities, and activities, and on the use different elements in the of different elements in the of different elements in the
40% on the use and integration and integration of different campaign to communicate campaign to communicate campaign to communicate
of different elements in elements in the campaign the intended message to the the intended message to the intended message to
the campaign to to communicate the target audience, is adequate the target audience, is the target audience, is
communicate the intended message to the target audience. intended message to the target audience. and analytical.
Text demonstrates a critical analytical, critical and in- depth. expertly presented, thorough, and in-depth, demonstrating critical
There is a basic attempt to use of the sourced material Text demonstrates a critical analysis and reflection.
There is no/limited use the sourced material from documented and in-depth use of the
attempt to use the from documented observations and academic sourced material from Text demonstrates a critical
sourced material from observations and academic research to support ideas. documented observations and meticulous use of the
documented observations and academic research to support ideas. research to support ideas. and academic research to support ideas. sourced material from documented observations and academic research to support ideas.
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Conclusion 15% Text does not include a conclusion, or there is a limited attempt to conclude ideas with no reference to key points in the analysis. Text shows evidence of a basic attempt to conclude ideas; conclusion is a general recall of key points in the analysis. Text shows evidence of a satisfactory and thorough conclusion of ideas, which includes a brief summary of key points in the analysis. Text shows evidence of a satisfactory and thorough conclusion of ideas. Conclusion discusses and expands on the key points of the analysis. Text shows evidence of a thorough and sophisticated conclusion of ideas. Conclusion discusses key points of the analysis and expands beyond key findings.
Structure and flow of ideas Text does not present sufficient information, ideas or evidence. Text presents information, ideas and evidence sufficiently, however these Text presents information, ideas and evidence clearly and logically. Text presents information and arguments in a logical and clear way, which is well Text is expertly presented; descriptive, concise and informative, exceptionally
15% Text lacks logical/clear structure and flow of require further logic and clarity. Text has a good structure, with a good flow of ideas. supported by evidence. Text has a very good developed and well supported by evidence.
ideas, making it difficult to Text has sufficient Line of reasoning is of a good structure, with a strong Text has an excellent
Line of reasoning is structure, however the flow of ideas can be difficult to standard and easy to follow. flow of ideas; opinions and ideas are expressed in a structure, with a strong, clear flow of ideas; engages
unclear and difficult to understand. clear and concise manner and sustains the audience’s
follow. Line of reasoning is passable, however, can sometimes be difficult to follow and requires clarity. with obvious connection to topic.
Line of reasoning is clear, logical and easy to follow. interest in the topic and the reader can immediately grasp the relevancy. Line of reasoning is excellent; demonstrating a clear, logical flow of ideas and arguments that are easy to follow.
Correct citation of key Does not include correct Attempts to include Includes in-text citations and Includes in-text citations Includes in-text citations
resources references or in-text references or in-text references from suitable and references from and references from
citations; does not use citations, however these sources; uses APA 6th ed. suitable sources; uses APA suitable sources; uses APA
10% APA 6th ed. style. are sometimes insufficient style, however may contain 6th ed. style, containing 6th ed. style, containing no
for research purposes, or incorrect; uses APA 6th ed. style, however may contain some citation or referencing errors. minor citation or referencing errors. minimal and or no errors. errors.
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Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1063 words including References

Title: Cascade Integrated Marketing Campaign

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