Recent Question/Assignment

Every workplace has problems or issues that a leader or manager may be in a position to influence for the better. For this assessment task, you are required to select an issue or problem relevant to your workplace or your role, and devise a strategy for how you would suggest a change or improvement, drawing upon the persuasive communication techniques and theories we have covered in this subject. There are two parts to this assessment task, and both must be completed.
PART 1: Using Microsoft PowerPoint, produce a narrated PowerPoint presentation, styled as though you were presenting your issue or problem and your strategies for change or improvement to your target audience in the workplace. This presentation should not exceed eight (8) minutes duration. Students are responsible for checking that the narration works on the PowerPoint before submitting the assessment.
PART 2: Submit a short-written piece (not to exceed 500 words) that outlines your considerations in preparing this proposal. These considerations should include:
the audience profile (cultural diversity or workplace culture considerations, membership, rank or position)
physical preparations (room,equipment, self)
any anticipated barriers or obstacles to your proposal from the audience
how you would address identified barriers or obstacles if they arose.
You are expected to utilise credible supportive literature to support your ideas. This short written paper does not need to be in academic essay format, it does not require an introduction or conclusion. You may use first person.
For guidance on standards for assessment preparation, including referencing, please see Assessment Preparation Guidelines.