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CRIl 0002: Fundamentals of Criminology
Assignment 2A: Annotated bibliography
Word/time limit: 500 words (+1. 10%)
Weighting: 15%
Due date: 5pm AEDT Monday 25 November 2019 (Week 4)
Step 1: Pick an offence to research
From the following list, select what type of offence you are planning to focus on for your research essay. You are able to change your chosen offence at a later stage if you wish.
. Homicide.
. Assault.
. Sexual assault.
. Robbery.
• Theft_
• Arson.
. Fraud_
. Embezzlement.
• Stalking
. Intimate partner violence.
. Drug dealing.
• Drug trafficking.
• Terrorism.
• Kidnapping.
. Hacking.
• Phishing.
. Shoplifting.
• Identity theft.
2. Google Scholar advanced (Links to an external site.), which works similarly to
• regular Google searches, but results are generally (though not always) limited to
academic sources (mostly journal articles). Once you have identified a useful lookin
source on Google Scholar, you will likely have to access it through the library portal
to avoid having to pay an access fee. Write down the name of the journal, the issue number, name of the article and the author. Put this information into a library search' and access the article horn there. Google searches are a great way to start researching. However, remember that search results are not always comprehensive.
3. Library databases. (Links to an external site) These link directly to online
criminology journals (e.g. The Australian & New Zealand Journal of
Criminology, Policing and Society, Criminology & Criminal Justice). These represent
arguably the best and most comprehensive academic resources available.
Your research essay asks you to explore theories about crime causation for your specific offence, so try and select articles with this in mind. However, any article that
adds to your chosen offence type in some useful way is appropriate for selection.
Watch the following three videos for more ideas on how to find and evaluate appropriate sources for your assignment. Step 3: Annotating your sources
After you have chosen your three academic sources, you are required to write an evaluation of each one. The evaluations should be 150-200 words each, and 500 words in total. In your evaluation, you must:
• begin by providing the proper citation for your source—use Swinburne Harvard formatting
• describe the content of the source—what issue does it address? How was research undertaken? What does it conclude?
• evaluate its validity, usefulness and relevance to your research—what are its strengths and weaknesses? Does it usefully inform your research? How?

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 625 words

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