Recent Question/Assignment

Subject: Counselling
Main Topical:
1)- Introduction-repeated question, 1st paragraph-defines crisis, trauma, depression and describes them terms of treatment
2nd) – paragraph- answer question, e.g. Symptom. how they affect wellbeing.
3) Identify the trauma, CBT, 3 best ways to address symptom of-Apply method of counselling to symptoms, Say why this would help.
3) find two different treatments- 1st- Brief describes 1st treatment
2nd- brief 2nd treatment
3rd look at differences (identify) -why’s affective, -what limitations
(1) Write a paragraph defining and providing and overview of crisis and one other issue (e.g. depression or trauma) in your own words. (200 words)
(2) Identify of the most helpful interventions for dealing with the issues you defined above. (100 words each)
(3) Identify 2 ways the differ in their suggestions for treating the chosen issue above. (100 word each),
the goal is to show that you understand how the issue can be treated using counselling interventions so focus on that.