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Aligned subject learning outcomes:
o Apply advanced communication strategies for potentially challenging conversations and relationships relevant to the healthcare professional.
o Appraise and interpret communication theories.
o Incorporate principles of persuasive communication in the healthcare workplace.
Group or individual: Individual
Weighting: 20%
Due date: Due 1800h Friday 22 November 2019
Word limit: 750 words
Word counts 10% above the required word limit will be penalised by 10% deduction of the marks available. The word count must be accurately stated at the end of the written piece. Every printed element between spaces is to be counted including quotations and in-text references (but not including reference list).
We can learn a lot about effective communication by observing the communication of others. The aim of this assessment task is to evaluate an authentic communication interaction in a healthcare setting, and using theories of communication, formulate strategies and recommendations to improve communication processes and outcomes.
Before commencing this assessment task, you are required to review the video case study available (see transcript) . Then, select one (1) of the characters in the scenario (choosing from either the Clinical Nurse, wearing the white shirt or Registered Nurse, wearing the blue shirt) and analyse their communication.
Based on your analysis, discuss the ways in which your selected character’s communication impacted on the unfolding scenario. Then, outline key strategies that your chosen character could adopt should they find themselves in a similar scenario in the future. You are expected to substantiate your analysis and strategies with contemporary literature.
This paper should be presented as an academic essay, so no headings or dot points should be used. Third person must be used. One reference to support 100-150 words.
For guidance on standards for assessment preparation, including referencing, please see Assessment Preparation Guidelines.
Transcript – NS5330 Assessment task 2 video
[Scene – unknown hospital ward – two staff talking at ward station, approached by student]
Student – Excuse me, I was wondering if I was able to do a set of obs on the patient in bed number
CN – No. Bed 3 had a very bad night. I want her to rest.
RN – No, look, handover from night shift was that she’s had no sleep at all. She needs to be left
alone to sleep now.
Student – Okay, it’s just that on her chart it says she’s due for them every 4 hours …
CN – Just do not disturb her.
RN – Do not wake her up.
Student – Alright, I won’t. I’ll be very quiet and I won’t wake her up.
[Student enters patient’s room, and begins to take observations. Alarm sounds and patient is
CN – I knew it!
Student – I’m really sorry, I was just taking your pulse. I didn’t mean to wake you.
CN – For goodness sake! What was the last thing I said to you…
Student – I didn’t mean to wake her up!
CN – Do not disturb the patient. She is ill. This is a hospital. Are you an idiot?
Student – I know, I’m really sorry.
RN – This is why we can’t have students in this place. Honestly, they’re ridiculous. Now we’re going
to have to try to get her back to sleep.
Student – I’m really sorry, I didn’t mean to wake her up
1. Analysis of the selected character’s communication and impact on scenario
Weight 35% In-depth analysis of the selected character’s communication and impact of their role on the scenario outcome. Discussion includes a succinct, compelling and complete summary of the selected character’s main communication issues/problems
2. Development of strategies to enhance communication in similar scenarios in the future
Weight 50% Develops 4 or more comprehensive and highly effective strategies for improving a similar communication interaction in the future.
3. Use of evidence
Weight 10% An extensive range of relevant literature from scholarly sources has been used to analyse the scenario, develop strategies and produce recommendations. APA 6th edition referencing conventions in both in-text referencing and reference list have always been applied accurately and consistently.
4. Format and presentation
Weight 5% Demonstrates advanced written communication skills, with evidence of: Sophisticated language, including use of accurate terminology. Highly effective sequencing and structure of paragraphs in body. Very well constructed sentences and correct punctuation and spelling

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1021 words including References

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