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Learning outcomes - (a): (b), (c) and (e)
(a) Demonstrate a critical understanding of organisational behaviour
(b) Demonstrate an ability to synthesise and apply knowledge and understanding of contemporary theories and research on organisational behaviour to the analysis of case study and research data
(c) Demonstrate an ability to research in depth an element of organisational behaviour and present a coherent argument in essay form (e) Apply knowledge in a critical evaluation of the organisation in
light of a specific element of organisational behaviour within an overview of organisational behaviour theory
Criterion 1 - Extent to which question is answered (5/40)
Criterion 2 - Understanding of the theoretical concepts (10/40) Criterion 3 - Extent of critical analysis (20/40)
Criterion 4 - Structure and references (5/40)
Individual essay (2000 words -/+ 10%)
The purpose of this assessment is to give students an opportunity to analyse and apply their philosophy of leadership.
Students will be required to submit a reflective essay on their philosophy of leadership and application of the philosophy to an organisational leadership situation.
Students will be expected to write an essay in response to the questions below.
Part A: Leadership philosophy
Describe the following:
a) Your leadership style.
b) Leadership/ principles that you would not be willing to violate.
c) The impact of personal beliefs (e.g. religion, inclusiveness) on your leadership approach.
d) Key experiences that have informed your leadership approach
Part B: Application of leadership philosophy
a) Identify a key leadership issue (either past or present) in your organization (or an organization that you are familiar with) that requires you (a prospective or current leader) to make critical decisions.
b) Provide a brief overview of the issue, to contextualize it.
c) Based on your leadership philosophy, explain what you would have done as a leader in the situation you have identified. In your explanations, provide justification for your decisions on how you would have handled the situation.
Submission Date: Week 7 (online submission via Turnitin)
Total Mark & 40 marks (40%)
Students are advised that any submissions past the due date without an approved extension or without approved extenuating circumstances incurs a 5% penalty per calendar day, calculated from the total mark e g. a task marked out of 35 will incur a 1.75 mark penalty per

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2390 words including References

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