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I want you to build up an essay research resource for the class. The idea here is to choose an essay topic (it may be the one you end up doing but it doesn't have to be) and write a paragraph on what you consider is one of the key elements of the essay question. This information will be based on some research that you have done. This research will be built on five (5) journal articles that you have found that you would use in the essay. You will include these articles in the Journal. This will be done online in a Journal space on Blackboard that everyone will have access to. This will produce a resource for everyone to use to base the essay on. It will also serve the purpose of allowing you all to have a better idea of what the available material is and as such contribute to your decision about which essay topic you will choose to do.
The four essay topics will be divided up in the first two weeks of class so that we have available research articles and brief synopses for each essay topics so that there is equal information on all the topics to allow you to make an effective choice.