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HSYP807 Innovation in Leadership, Teamwork & Advocacy
Assessment Task 4 Responses
Part A: Short Answer Questions (11 marks)
1. Explain the difference between leadership and management (word estimate: 150-200 words)
2. Explain why public health advocacy is important (word estimate: 200 words)
3. Explain the difference between lobbying and advocacy (word estimate: 100 words)
4. Explain three reasons why evaluation of an advocacy strategy is important (word estimate: 150-200 words)
Part B: Real-World Scenario (24 marks)
What to do: Read the following real-world scenario and answer questions five to to nine. Read all of the questions before you begin writing.
Scenario: Having completed your Master of Public Health, you secure your first job at the McCusker Centre for Action on Alcohol and Youth.
Not long after starting in your new role, evidence from your organisation has come to light that supports the removal of alcohol advertising appearing on television during live Australian sporting events.
You have not had experience working on this issue and are unaware of what strategies have been carried out in the past in Australia and internationally. You have been assigned to work on this issue along with two other colleagues and you are also working on other projects as are they. The cultural and professional backgrounds as well as the skillset you and your colleagues have is diverse.
The budget you have for work in this area is small.
5. What initial steps might you undertake to embark on this project? Consider that you are working as part of a team? (word estimate: 300 words)
6. Given the diversity within your team, how might this impact team dynamics and work outcomes? (word estimate: 300 words)
7. Your supervisor asks you to provide a plan of action for taking this issue forward. You do not need to come up with an advocacy strategy, rather, you are asked to identify the key elements of an action plan taking into consideration the topic area. (word estimate: 350 words)
8. One of the recommendations from the evidence is to ‘phase out alcohol sponsorship of sport that exposes young people to alcohol promotion’. Outline and briefly explain three individual strategies that you could implement in taking the issue forward that are feasible given the scenario outlined. Provide the reasoning for your choice of strategy. (word estimate: 350-400 words)
9. What challenges do you envisage coming up against based on the information in the above scenario? (word estimate 300-350 words)

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2583 words including References

Title: HSYP807 Innovation in Leadership, Teamwork & Advocacy

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