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Assessment 1 -Research and Re ort
For this assessment you will are going to undertake research on business licencing and laws on at least 6
We will be using a scenario of a very new hospitality business. A potential business partner has approached you and wants to create a hospitality business.
Specifically, they want to start a boutique hotel in the
I. The hotel business will be structured as a
Proprietary Limited Business (Pty Ltd)
For each explain:
a) What the costs are to apply for the licence
b) Which government body Department do you apply to?
c) What forms or documents do you need to prepare or complete? Use a sample document to populate your responses and submit in your appendix as evidence of your research.
d) What are the consequences for NOT having these licences. (Otherwise known as Compliance triggers)
;ITXGLCOOI— Assessment Booklet —Student copy
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2. They have selected a_þusness-name that they want to use. (Choose a fictitious name and research business name registration and Pty Ltd trading as options.)
3. They are planning on charging [claiming-GST
4. You plan on employing 25 full time and permanent staff as well as contractors/casuals
5. You plan on leasing a current commercial property and making some adjustments to the outside dining area.
6. Restaurant
7. Licenced bar
8. Off licence bottle shop
9. Café with outdoor seating•
You have been asked to undertake research on all the licences required for this new business as well as all the Australian Government Laws and legislations.
What licences would this specific business need to have
List each and then describe in detail what they include. You may need to contact the local council and various State Government Departments for this task.
Licences are separate to the this business situation.
For each of the laws
a) Describe in detail what they described.
c) Auditing and inspection regimes
d) Need to apply for and maintain business or occupational licensing and associated mandatory training and certification requirements
e) Requirements for record keeping and acceptable record keeping mechanisms
f) Statutory reporting requirements for businesses
g) Key business insurances required
h) Adherence to mandatory codes of conduct enshrined in legislation
i) Requirements to develop and implement plans, policies, codes of conduct or incorporate certain business practices
j) Rights and responsibilities of employees and employers
k) Other specific action that must be taken for legal compliance
Introduction — should be at least 2-3 sentences long/l paragraph and
gives the reader an idea of what your report is going to be about.
The body is where you will address each of the points/criteria on the previous page. Try to start a new paragraph for each new point.
You can add pictures, graphs, charts, use headings/sub headings, coloured fonts etc. to make your report easy to read and presentable.
Your report as a very minimum should be 1500 words or more.
The conclusion should also be 2-3 sentences and is a closing summary of all your ideas in the report

It is important that you use referencing to show evidence of your research, refer to any website links, textbooks, government articles etc
Please Note:
It is important that you address every part of the questions otherwise you will receive a Not Satisfactory (NS) result and Not Yet Competent (NYC) for the unit.
Date for Submission:
Describes legislation relating to employing staff
e.g. PAYE withholding tax Superannuation, Workers compensation, award rates and employment
Fair work Act 2009, especially provisions for National
Employment Standards (NES)
Describes liquor license regulations
Describes gaming/gambling Licences
Describes the Food Act
Describes obtaining a local council food licence
Describes GST registration
Anti-discrimination, especially provisions for equal employment opportunity (EEO) and harassment
Australian Consumer Law (ACL) especially provisions for refunds, exchanges and cancellations, terms and conditions of quotations and consumer contracts
Recommend obtaining legal advice and reasoning
Describes any additional compliance needs required for the business
Indicate risks, penalties or consequences of noncompliance (injury, illness, death, prosecution, loss of business, etc)
Outline associated costs where applicable
Outline any application procedures for above areas
Outline any specific information that must be noted for the above areas
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