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Assessment 2 – Report writing
This assessment consists of 2 parts. This will be an individual assessment.
Complete all the tasks and submit all the required documentation to your Trainer.
Trainer will set the duration of the assessment.
ICT Business Analysis - Assessment Task 2 LAST UPDATED: March 2018, Version No. 1.0
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You are working in the Company X as IT assessor; the company has changed its system for their accounting operation since one year ago. Your task is evaluating the performance of the new system in terms of the productivity for the company and the accomplishment of the requirements. For this purpose you have to design a plan involving the next aspects.
? Compilation of requirements from the company’s personnel
? Establishing metrics to evaluate the accomplishment of requirements
? Establishing metrics to evaluate the productivity of the new system and comparing it with the previous one. These metrics should contemplate the company and personnel’s sides.
Part B:
According with the analysis performed in the previous assessment (Assessment 1 Part B), chose a solution based in a ranking of advantages. Prepare a document describing the following aspects:
? Solution scope remarking the major features and the benefits to the company.
? Implementation plan considering phases and times.
? Estimation of cost.
? Identification of risks.
ICT Business Analysis - Assessment Task 2 LAST UPDATED: March 2018, Version No. 1.0
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